How To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle In 2019?


Hi lovely people!
Today I want to talk to you about something really important and that is a healthy lifestyle. Mental health is a big part of a person's lifestyle, and it's something a lot of people definitely struggle with, especially nowadays thanks to social media, bullying and all kinds of discrimination. I'm bringing you some simple tips and tricks on how you can also lead a healthier lifestyle this year without making some crazy life altering decisions.

1. Food

I think a healthy lifestyle without healthy food choices is impossible. I recently heard about a close relative of the coffee plant, which intrigued me. Also known as kratom, this plant has many benefits to a healthy lifestyle and is worth checking out.
We all lead such busy lives that it's difficult to find the time and actually cook a well balanced meal. However, this is crucial and we shouldn't make excuses. In my opinion portions are essential - I think you can eat almost anything once in a while if you don't eat huge portions of it. Obviously it's better to eat more fruit and vegetables than carbs, but hey; sometimes you just have to indulge a bit. If you don't do it too often, nothing horrible will happen. At least this is what works for me. Every body is different, every person is different - I'm just telling you my experience. 
It's becoming more and more popular nowadays to grow your own fruit and vegetables if you can. People who live in a house and have a garden can easily plant some vegetables and herbs, and this way they can be sure that they won't be full of chemicals when they eat them. Even people who have apartments are getting very creative and they create a little garden of their own on rooftops for example, using a grow bag. It's so easy to have a cute little garden with grow bags! A lot of people find gardening very relaxing, so why not give it a go?!

2. Exercise

Exercise is something a lot of people hate, or they find it annoying and boring. It's true - exercising requires putting some effort into your lifestyle, but it doesn't have to be boring or tedious. Find the type of exercise that will make you happy and excited. It doesn't have to be going to the gym; maybe you can find your perfect exercise in dancingyogapilatesrunning... There are numerous options. It's all about finding the right fit for you. I have definitely noticed that I feel a lot better, healthier and happier when I exercise regularly. Personally I really love yoga. I have found that it works best for me out of all the activities I have tried over the years.

3. Habits

It seems like getting rid of a bad habit can be very challenging. There is no magical recipe for it, you just have to be persistent and replace your bad habits with good ones. If you are reading this and you're a smoker - please stop smoking! Haha! I know it's easier said than done but you are poisoning yourself and everyone around you. I really can't stand smoking and never understood it but if you are struggling with it try to get help. Make a decision - today is the day I will stop smoking. And just do it. No excuses. You can't lead a healthy lifestyle and be a smoker. This is what you have to change first. The same goes for drug abuse, alcohol or any other addiction you may have. Don't be ashamed to ask for help.

4. Mindset

It all starts with your mindset. If you have negative thoughts all the time and always think something bad will happen, this is is exactly what you will attract. If you think in a positive way, you will attract positive things. It's called the Law of Attraction and I talked about it before. Your mind is limitless and you can do whatever you want, but you have to believe in yourself and work hard to achieve your goals. Fill your mind with positive thoughts, affirmations and goals - don't waste your time and energy on toxic thoughts. Practice meditation, it helps a lot.

5. Surrounding

Your surrounding is just as important as your mindset. If you surround yourself with negative people who will constantly drain you, you definitely won't be able to have a healthy lifestyle. It can be very difficult to remove toxic people from your life, especially if you have known them for a long time but you just have to do it for your mental health. Also, constantly listening to depressing news, stressing over things you can't change and so on, can be very damaging as well.

Guys, what are your ways to lead a healthy lifestyle? Let me know.
Stay fabulous!
xoxo Sienna

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