Special Occasion Dresses for Spring/Summer 2019


Hi lovely people!
I'm so excited that Summer is just around the corner, and we can look forward to sunny weather, spending more time outside, cute outfits and more special occasions. A lot of people choose to have their special occasions, like weddings, during Summer because it's the most carefree time of the year and they can have it outside.

It's so much easier to choose a dress you're going to wear for a special occasion when it's warm outside than when you have to worry about getting wet, wind or just being really cold during the ceremony. I love checking out QUIZ when I'm looking for evening dresses because they have such a huge selection of dresses for every occasion and every body type! There's nothing better than a brand that is inclusive and a brand like that will always get my support. I am also impressed with the selection of styles, colors, lengths and basically anything you can think of.

QUIZ dresses are affordable which is perfect for a special occasion. A lot of people don't want to or can't spend thousands of dollars for a dress they are going to wear once or twice, so going for an affordable but stylish option is a great idea. It's totally false that you can't look nice and put together if you don't spend a lot of money. You can get an affordable dress, and accessorize it with really elegant jewelry, bag and shoes and you can look like a million dollars!

I feel like girls like to experiment with more prints and colors during Summer than Winter. Florals, polka dots, stripes, fruit... Anything goes! I love the playful side of the warmest season. ;)

What kind of dresses do you like for special events during Spring/Summer? Let me know :)

Stay fabulous!
xoxo Sienna

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