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Hi lovely people!
"Why did you start blogging?" has to be the question I get asked the most. In addition to this, I also get asked "How did you start blogging?", "What did you want to gain by being a blogger?", etc. When people ask me these questions, they are often not aware of how long I have been a blogger. I have been blogging for over 7 years! I don't know the specific date when I started blogging because I officially opened my blog in 2010 (if I'm not wrong), but I didn't immediately start blogging regularly. I wrote a few posts and then I didn't post anything for months. Because of this, I usually say I officially started blogging (somewhat regularly) in the other half of 2011, which is almost 8 years! This is absolutely crazy! 😱

As I am writing this now, I can't believe it has actually been that long. On the other hand, when I remember everything I've been through (good & bad) since I started blogging, it really does seem like a lifetime ago. However, I am still working on improving my blog, writing more quality content and taking more quality photos. It's really difficult to have a ton of great photos during Winter because it's so cold and it gets dark at like 4PM, plus I do have a full-time job, so I can't take photos whenever I want. However, the weather is getting a lot better now, so you can expect a lot more content from me.  😉

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Why did I start blogging?

The reason is actually very simple - because I wanted my own place on the World Wide Web where I could write about fashion without someone overlooking what I write about, telling me what I can or can't write about, etc. At the time I was writing articles for a Croatian fashion website, but that was a totally different experience - when you write for a website or a magazine you always have a boss or an editor in chief who corrects your text, tells you what you shouldn't mention and so on.

Having my own blog literally meant having creative freedom for me.

It's funny but when I decided to start blogging I didn't know any fashion blogs; I just kept hearing about fashion bloggers in America and how cool they are, but when I tried looking for some, I couldn't find any! Can you believe that?!
After that I think I just googled "blogger" or something like that, and the first platform I saw was Blogger - which I still use to this day. I saw that it was free so I decided to open my own blog without truly knowing what that means... It was that pure and simple.

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My blogging beginnings

When I started my blog I really had no idea what I was doing! 😂 I just wanted to write about fashion, and the only thing I could think of to write about was about fashion shows and trends. Haha! So I would follow fashion shows like Milan Fashion Week, London Fashion Week and so on, and I would choose my favorite collections, take photos from various websites and write about them... I definitely didn't know about copyright at that time! LOL! I also wrote about certain trends, like which  dresses should you wear this Spring, or which color is the biggest trend right now, and so on.

The first blogger I ever discovered was Chiara Ferragni. I fell in love with her style, personality and blog, and she remains my favorite blogger to this day.
After I discovered her I saw that you can take photos of yourself wearing different outfits and post those photos on your blog. The problem was I didn't have a good camera, so I asked my friend to take some photos of me with my phone (which was at that time probably iPhone 4s) and that's how it all started...

Where am I now?

During the years I have collaborated with brands from all over the world and I am very grateful for that. I would like to do more to monetize my blog and have even more amazing collaborations and bring even better content. Instagram has become a big focus of mine as well, so make sure to follow me there if you aren't following me already. Let's share our passion for all things beautiful! :)

If you are a blogger as well, let me know why you started blogging! :)

Stay fabulous!
xoxo Sienna

- sweatshirt: c/o FemmeLuxe
- jeans: Levi's
- sneakers. c/o FitFlop
- sunglasses: Ray-Ban (c/o SunglassesShop)

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