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Hi lovely people!
If you're anything like me, then you're also in love with flowy floral dresses, especially during Spring and Summer. I just can't think of a prettier or a comfier thing to wear during hot Summer days! Also, these types of dresses make you feel so feminine and stylish, which is something I always strive for.

I've always been drawn to flowy floral fabrics; there's just something about these fabrics that evokes the feeling of freedom and joy in me. I immediately imagine a warm Summer day at the seaside, a light breeze moving the fabric a bit - just enough so it's not too hot. A cool cocktail in my hand, big sunglasses on my eyes and a huge straw hat on my head... Doesn't that sound like a perfect Summer day? It does to me. ☺️

Because these dresses are usually meant to be worn during Summer when it's super hot, I do prefer them to be made from natural materials such as cotton or silk, but some modern man-made materials also work fine. It all depends on your personal preferences.

I wanted to make a post featuring some of my favorite floral Summer dresses to get you even more excited about Summer and to hopefully give you some inspiration. Some of these dresses are super affordable, while others are designer, but there is something for everyone. If you need a dress for a special occasion and you know you're only going to wear it once, than a more affordable option makes sense if you ask me. QUIZ is one of the brands I always like to check out when I'm looking for affordable dresses. They have a wide selection of trendy dresses for any occasion, whether it's casual or more formal. I love how they have clothing, shoes, and accessories - basically you can dress yourself from head to toe! Honestly that's such a timesaver!

You can click on the brands' names under the photos to find out more details about the dresses and purchase them.

Which one is your favorite?

Stay fabulous!
xoxo Sienna

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