GUEST POST | Vintage fashion facts that everyone should know


Vintage fashion facts that everyone should know

Vintage fashion is something that should never go out of style – and it never does. The old-fashioned classic polished look steals the spotlight in every occasion. It is everlasting, classy and unique enough to soak up some looks your way. Many things are neglected about the vintage fashion, but avid vintage fashion fans can always bring back this gorgeous look. 
Wrongly, most people confuse vintage fashion with fashion from the 40s and 50s. In fact, the vintage fashion style is the familiar bold look from the 1920s. Does flapper look or sound familiar? Or maybe the famous period ‘Roaring 20s’? That is the vintage fashion – layered dresses, sequins, bold and dark shades of makeup and gorgeous hats and accessories. 
If you see some vintage fashion pictures, you’ll notice slim and skinny physiques. That is not just for the purpose of the art/pictures – people were actually slimmer back then. What was considered good-looking in those days, would now be skinny or too slim, and would be a completely different size. 
Have you heard of the term ‘draping’? The vintage style wouldn’t be what it is if it hadn’t started with the draping technique. The vintage fashion style was recognizable because of this, and draping was simply wrapping or arranging the cloth/dress loosely around the shoulders or waist. This was such a practical and fashionable thing that it was even worn by men as well (the Grecian style should give you a hint). The draped clothes were the first official clothing items considered as inventions. 
But, another such item was the regular skirt. A piece of clothing that will always be fashionable, regardless if it’s shorter, longer or knee-length. Another thing is the male suit; the male suits worn today are mostly based on the suits worn back then, so the basis for today’s haute couture and fashionable pieces was the vintage period. The vintage fashion style was mainly showing off wool and cotton, but also silk for those with some extra cash to spend. During this period, artificial silk was invented too, for the desired look on a budget. This type of a fabric was named ‘rayon’ and was mostly used for making stockings. But, speaking of vintage fashion style, the designers of that time liked using the silk, satin and velvet – of course, for those who could afford it. In the vintage fashion era, the mannequins played a huge role in promoting the fashion. They showed off all possible combinations of outfits on display. 

This style luckily continues to be celebrated to this day with bobbed hair, layered dresses, ‘goth’ makeup and all other accessories along. Unique and extremely glamorous, the forever-posh vintage style. 

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