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Hello lovely people!
It's no secret many people love traveling - the thrill of going somewhere unknown is often what brings people joy and excitement. Exploring new places and meeting new cultures are great ways of expanding our knowledge and creating memories that will last forever. Now, if you are as fashion-obsessed as I am, you will definitely want to travel in style. To me a big part of traveling is picking out outfits I will wear in each of the places I am visiting, and researching cool local shops I can check out while I'm there. Packing is always a bit tricky, and it definitely depends on where you are going. In addition to that, booking flights can also be tricky - you can usually save a lot of money if you plan your trip months ahead, and you can book your flight super early. Another great option when thinking about flights are definitely private jet charters like because they offer next level convenience and style.f

I think preparation is key when it comes to traveling. Whether we're talking about packing, transportation, sightseeing or anything else, if you research everything well before leaving you will be fine. I am all for being fashionable all the time, even at the airport or while you're sightseeing, but i these situations you have to keep in mind the factor of practicality. By this I mean it's probably not very practical to wear high heels at the airport, unless you are traveling by a private plane. And it's especially not practical to wear high heels while sightseeing for hours. These seem pretty obvious, but you would be surprised by how many girls forget about practicality while trying to be in style. It's important to find the balance between fashion and practicality.

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Jeans and sneakers/espadrilles are always a good option in my opinion. The same goes for comfortable flowy dresses with the mentioned footwear. The important thing is that you don't forget some sort of a jacket because it often gets cold in airports and planes. Even if you are going to a warm location, chances are it's going to get a bit chilly in the plane. You definitely don't want to sit in a cold plane for hours without a jacket. I feel like a denim jacket or a leather jacket would work really well in these situations. There are many ways to be stylish and comfortable at the same time. Tracksuits are also very popular today, and many celebrities opt for them while traveling. Tracksuits are comfortable but can be super stylish if you choose the right ones.
What is you opinion? Do you choose comfort or style while traveling, or maybe both?
xoxo Sienna

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  1. I agrre with you, preparation is the key when you travel!



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