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Moms are amazing, aren’t they? They’re some of the most caring, selfless, and loving people on the planet. Giving birth and raising children is no small feat by itself, but some women take it a notch further and also serve as major providers for the family, juggling both work and home life. It can’t be an easy job, so don’t they deserve as much love as they give? Treat your mom to one of these makeover deals and make her know just how much you appreciate her efforts: 
Flip that hair back and forth.
One of the easiest ways to refresh a mom’s look is with a flattering haircut that’s appropriate for her age and lifestyle. Moms often forget to take care of themselves because they’re so busy taking care of us, so one of the first things to work on is the hair. It can be stuck in a hairstyle that was fashionable the year we were born, it can be dull and flat from being pulled back all the time, or maybe grey hairs have even started to show. 
If your mom isn’t ready to rock the silver fox look, you can also opt for a color job that will give her a more youthful look and serve as an instant confidence booster. You can also go for a hair treatment if she doesn’t want her look messed with. Most salons offer complimentary massages when you go in for an appointment, so it can be a relaxing respite from a long day of shopping at the mall.
Keep the tips in top shape.
Manicures and pedicures are a fun little makeover activity that you and your mom can do together—it’s a bonding and beautifying experience in one! Many nail salons also offer an array of treatments for your hands and feet, so feel free to treat your mom to a foot or hand spa to de-stress and help relax those parts of her that work the hardest. A foot cleaning is an indulgence you can both have together; after all, who doesn’t want softer feet? For the polish, opt for longer-lasting gel, which is less prone to chipping and damage, ensuring that your nails look prettier for a while. Seek out establishments that offer complimentary bites or sips and make the most out of a single afternoon. 

Get her in the best shape of her life.
Most moms are so occupied with being a Mom after childbirth that they tend to let their figures go. Help your mom get her pre-baby body back by going for some slimming treatments. It could be something as intensive as an iLipo or Trilipo, which targets trouble areas like the tummy, thigh, and arms with radio frequency technology, helping to slim and define them. Maybe it could be a photodynamic therapy treatment to reduce love handles and stretch marks. Explore your options and make sure it’s something Mom is comfortable with. 
Make morning routines less complicated.
Help mom get ready in the morning faster by taking one of the most time-consuming tasks out of the equation: makeup. Semi-permanent makeup is an option for ladies on the go who don’t want to spend twenty minutes perfecting their eyeliner or doing their brows. There are a variety of options available: a lash lift eliminates the need for curling the lashes, while eyebrow embroidery is an option for women with sparse brows in need of filling in but want it to look healthy and natural. You can even get eyeliner tattooed on or a semi-permanent lip tint. Ask your mom what takes the longest to do and offer one of these treatments as an alternative to take one worry off her shoulders.

A mother’s love is unconditional, and moms are hardly ever rewarded for everything that they do for us. Remember, though, that the best present for your mom is the gift of your time and attention – let her know how much you care, and make it a habit! How do you let your mom know that you love her? Did you do anything special for Mother’s Day?

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