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Hello lovely people!
Although I mostly talk about fashion on my blog (women dresses, shoes, bags, etc.), interior design is something very close to my heart. I don't know if you know this, but I'm also an educated interior designer. I never worked in this field, but I finished a school for it so obviously I know a lot about it and I love it. I think the way we design our living spaces is so important for the quality of our lives. Sometimes the smallest things can transform a place and make it more "homey". I really do like the design of my apartment, but I felt like I was missing some finishing touches in my bedroom. To be more precise, my walls were quite empty, so I wanted some cool photos/posters to hang on them.

In collaboration with Desenio, I chose 4 cool posters to add to my bedroom and make it more stylish. Desenio has such a wide variety of posters, that anyone can find something for themselves. I really like posters with words, so most of the ones I chose are exactly like that.

The first poster I knew I wanted was the "Prada Marfa" poster. I have wanted it for years, and now it's finally mine. I think this is the most stylish poster ever, especially after I saw it in Gossip Girl. I also knew I wanted some posters to put on my nightstand. I opted for this cute "Pink Perfume" poster and "Wanderlust" poster and I think they fit perfectly there. Lastly, I chose "Meet Me In New York" poster which I hung on the wall. I am so happy with my posters, and now you have a chance to get them too with a discount! The code “SIENNA” gives 25% off posters* between 5th - 7th of June. 
*Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters.

xoxo Sienna

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  1. I didn't know you were educated to be an inner design, that's cool. That field is very close to my heart too, as I love architecture and anything creative really. Lovely photograph, and stunning wall art.

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