COLLAB POST | 5 Tips For Young Professionals To Get Ready In Business Casual


Saying would not wrong the youth has become quite conscious about their dressing style. They do not want to go with the traditional formal business dress that sometimes makes feel professional life a bit lethargic. Carrying business casual look adds a new energy about the job and makes the office environment positive. So, what should be your business casual look? Here, 5 prominent tips are being covered emphasizing over shirts, tuxedo, blazer, suit, accessories and more.

A Sophisticated Business Casual Guide - 

  1. Shirt and T-shirt – Without stylish shirt and t-shirt, you would not look perfect. Gone are the days when suit or blazers were used to pair with only sophisticated shirts. These days variety of excellently designed t-shirts including V-neck, round neck, long sleeves t-shirts and so on is available in the market to get paired with stylish suit and blazers to add a glamorous look to your personality. Apart from it, you can go with cotton dress shirt dipped in light blue, pastel colours, etc., which are also ideal to carry. 
  2. Blazer - The fact cannot be ignored that Blazer has always been a part of the casual wardrobe. Talking about the prominent most stylish Men’s blazers, there are many that should be in your wardrobe to get perfect casual cum formal wear for men  every time - 

      • Casual Leather Blazer 
      • Navy Blue Velvet Blazer 
      • Simple Black Blazer Men 
      • Double Color Blazer
      • Casual Funky Jacket Blazer
      • Woolen Blazers For Men 

  1. Trousers – Make your wardrobe a perfect a casual-cum formal wear for men place by adding a variety of stylish trousers including - 
  • Dress Pants – To look stylish in business casual wear, you should always have a pair of solid navy, grey and charcoal dress pants having either pleated or flat front. You will perfectly good carrying a blazer or sports jacket paired with it. 
  • Chinos / Khakis – It should be next in your wardrobe as they can excellently lift up your casual look. 
  • Corduroy Pants – Without this type, your casual closet would not be considered accomplished. 
  1. Accessories – This is next on the list and the significance of accessories cannot be circumvented. 
  • You can enhance the appearance of your shirt by adding a stylish tuxedo. Tuxedo Jacket Styles are all set to overwhelm you. Talking about the prominent colours that you should add to your wardrobe is Midnight Blue, Barre Pinstripe, Split Tartan, White, Notch Lapel, Black Watch Tartan. 
  • Do carry stylish belt to make your trouser a bit more noticeable. 
  • You may go with a knit tie or pocket square to add a glam factor to your casual dress. 
  • Do not forget to carry a stylish watch to add a bit dedicated-to-job factor look to your personality.
  • If a pair of glasses goes well with your face then say yes to that. 
  1. Shoes & Boots – And the last to cover is shoes and boots. There are many types of casual shoes including Loafers, Oxfords, Derbies, Moccasins, Boat Shoes, Sneakers, Trainer, Combat, wingtips, Penny Loafer, and Brogues. In between all this, the significance of leather shoes for men cannot be ignored since it always adds a bit more sharp and sophisticated look to your personality. 
Carrying a business casual look makes your different from others. You can become a head turner by carrying the business casual look sophisticated. Follow the above-mentioned guide to flaunt your fashion at the forefront. 

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