How To Prepare When Traveling from a Warm to Cold Climate



Calgary is a year-round destination, but the best time to visit is between June and October. These are the warmer months with more festivals and outdoor activities. Calgary is not only beautiful in the winter, it has loads of things to do, not to mention being close to Banff for those looking for a winter wonderland experience or world-class skiing and snowboarding. Calgary homes for sale are red hot right now, prompting bidding wars and rising prices. What is happening in Calgary is not an isolated phenomenon. 

Are you considering traveling between two climates on the same trip? This happens more often than you think. Sometimes folks visit two different countries or even varying elevations in the same destination. Another example is when your home country is warm but the destination where you’re traveling is cold. Below are a few tips on how to prepare for traveling from warm to cold climates.

Layer as Needed

Dress in layers! The more combinations you can make from your clothing, the better. Wearing layers of clothing is the best and only way a traveler can effectively pack for both warm and cold weather, dry and damp conditions. It’s that simple - the layers trap heat against the body – keeping you warm – and the outer layers can be removed as the heat builds up and you need to cool down.

Pack the Warmest Climate First

Begin packing with the warmer climate and determine what you’ll wear there. This may include shorts, light t-shirts, etc. These items then become one layer of your clothing strategy. Make sure each piece of clothing is thin enough to add extra warmth when paired with other pieces. With your warm-weather pile finished, address the colder climate. A light fleece adds warmth but it’s no match against wind or rain. Consider a light fleece layered over your warm-weather tank top and under a light rain-proof jacket that not only looks good, but is warm and comfy in the wind and rain.

Check Extended Weather

Check the extended forecast in advance up until you leave and plan. How many days will you be in warm weather vs cold weather? If you have a 10 day trip and will be spending 8 days in the cold and 2 days in warm weather, obviously plan for a majority of your belongings to be for cold gear vs a small amount for warm weather. 

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