Hi lovely people!

As the colder weather approaches up, we are more inclined to look for indoor activities we can do in our free time. The rain and wind will soon be our daily companions, which makes it really difficult to enjoy the outdoors on a regular basis. I am so ready for Fall, but I also want to find some fun and exciting activities I can do indoors in my free time.

I know gaming is one of the favorite activities for a lot of people, but I have to say I have only recently started discovering the fun of online games! It's seriously so cool, and a lot of these games I have been playing recently also require you to think and solve various puzzles which is great for exercising the brain.

I have been using to play several of their games, and I just have to say - it's been so fun! It's such a good feeling to play some fun games and relax after a long day with a cup of my favorite coffee or tea...

In case you were looking for some fun free online games to play, I wanted to recommend a couple of my favorites. Garden Secrets Hidden Objects has been so intriguing for me to play! The goal of the game is to find all the hidden objects in the given time. It's pretty straightforward and a totally old-school type of game, which I love. Each level is another beautiful garden, so finding hidden objects in wonderful scenery is really a treat!

Another free online game I want to recommend is definitely Treasures of Atlantis. This is a Candy Crush type of game and it's super addictive! These types of games are called Match 3 games, which means you have to match 3 identical items in them. They are very time-limited so you have to be fast and precise, which just adds to the excitement.

Besides playing games, another activity I like to do indoors is reading. Books calm me down and I mostly try to read positive books that give me lots of inspiration. Especially during cold months while the weather is gloomy - you need some positivity in your life!

Watching movies and series is also something I love, as well as exercising indoors when I feel the need for it.

Which activities do you like to do indoors?

xoxo Sienna

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