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This year, headbands have been a huge hit, and there are so many different ways to style them. Headbands are the perfect accessory when you just need to add a bit of sparkle to any ensemble. You can incorporate larger padded headbands, knotted bands, and bows into your look if you want to make a statement. You can style this accessory with your hair up or down, by sweeping your bangs back or letting a fringe fly free. Here are some other ways to wear a holiday headband along with some of the most prominent headband styles to try this season!

Look Luxe in Velvet

Velvet padded headbands are the go-to if you want a versatile accessory to wear to work, parties, or casually. They’re wide and thick enough to stand out, but velvet’s soft and subtle texture gives them an elegant, muted look.

To style a velvet headband, you should start by letting your hair down for an elegant look. You can leave your bangs or a few locks free in the front or use the headband to sweep your hair away from your face. To elevate the look, add wavy texture or a few curls. This is an easy way to get yourself ready to take on the day!

Swap a Santa Hat for a Santa-Themed Headband

Find yourself donning the traditional stocking cap around Christmas? It’s a cute way to add some holiday cheer to your look, especially when you’re gathering around the tree with family on Christmas morning. This year, though, you can try mixing it up with a Santa-themed headband. Look for red velvet trimmed in white fur to create the perfect Mrs. Claus look. Bonus points if you get reindeer antlers for the kids (or the pets, if you have them).

This is another easy style to pull off. Try a low ponytail with a few strands left free to capture the casual look, then place the headband over the top of your head for an easy, effortless holiday morning style.

Try Tartan Styles

Among trends that are making a splash this year, tartan is another big one. It’s also a wintertime classic that you can enjoy year after year. There’s just something cozy and comforting about tartan plaids this time of year.

Another great thing about tartan? This is a style that works for both casual wear and for formal nights out. To style a tartan headband casually, wear it with a ponytail. Choose a padded tartan headband or one that features a bow to create a cute and comfortable look. Then, pair it with your favorite flannel shirt in tartan plaid.

For the formal look, you can pair a tartan headband with a pencil skirt. You can even upscale the look with a braided headband or add a little flash by choosing a tartan band that features pearls.

Use Your Headband to Add Texture and Detail

If you’re a fan of sleek dresses and pantsuits for holiday parties or work, then this style is for you. Use a headband featuring texture or fun details to draw attention upwards.

To achieve this look, start with your outfit. Once you’ve selected that, you’ll be able to pair a headband with complementary shades. But, you’ll want to avoid smooth, padded bands and instead go for something big and bold like a knotted band, a big bow, or even a beautiful lace headband.

Style your hair as you normally would, then place the headband like a crown or tiara. Take care to tuck the ends of the headbands behind your ears and beneath your locks. If need be, use a few concealed bobby pins for a no-slide look that will stay in place all day.

For When It's Time to Go Glam

Headbands make it super easy to create a glamorous look for your Christmas card photo, holiday parties, or for a New Year’s Eve event. This look works well with both short and long hair. 

For the headband itself, go big and make a statement! Choose something flashy with sequins or a pearled ornament. If you really want to make a splash, go with a headband that features a bold crystal accent – it’s like jewelry for your hair!

Here at Bellefixe, there are lots of different options to choose from. Try one of the above styles to create an amazing holiday look or be a trendsetter and use one of our headbands to create your own gorgeous style. No matter what, we’ve got the hair accessories you need to get yourself ready for the holiday season!

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