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When a formal event is coming soon on your social calendar, you will want to plan your outfit accordingly. Although it may be a formal event, you will need to choose a suitable outfit that will be appropriate, making you look fabulous but not overdressed for the occasion. You will also need to plan other outfit factors and ensure you achieve the correct balance with your outfit. 

Below are some things you will need to consider when planning for the event to help ensure you choose the best outfit and accessories and are dressed suitably for the occasion.

Choosing An Appropriate Dress

The earlier you start shopping for your outfit, the better, as it will give you more time to find the perfect dress and have it altered if needed. It will also give you more time to find an excellent bargain so your outfit for the formal event will not cost you too much money. 

Before you go shopping for your formal dress, you will need to see if there is a dress code in place that you need to adhere to or face not attending. If you are attending an event such as a prom, you can find plenty of cute prom dresses from top designers that you will like. Make sure not to go overboard with your choices as you may end up missing the event if it goes against the dress code. You may also want to speak to any people you know who are attending the event and ensure you do not wear the same dress, which could be embarrassing. 

How You Will Wear Your Hair

Before you start planning other parts of your outfit, you will want to decide how you wear your hair for the event. How you wear your hair can dictate what accessories will be best for your outfit, so you must consider this carefully. You may also want to consider booking an appointment to get your hair done early before all the slots get taken. Once you have decided how you will be wearing your hair for your formal event, you can start to work on the accessories for your outfit and ensure you look stunning.

Planning The Perfect Accessories For Your Dress

You will also need to put plenty of thought and attention into planning the accessories for your outfit. If you want to wear your hair up, you may want to consider some more oversized earrings, and drop earrings could be an excellent choice. You may also wish to wear a necklace for the occasion, and the length of the necklace will depend on the cut of your dress and how low it goes. 

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You will want to select a pair of shoes that match your outfit but are also comfortable to wear, or else it can affect how much of a good time you have at the event. You will also need to select a suitable purse for the occasion and ensure it is big enough to keep all the essentials in, but not too big. You can get some excellent styling tips online and ensure you look fantastic for your formal event and are ready to turn some heads.

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