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 2021- with a year almost in the pandemic, a lot has changed, and so has the fashion trends.

Do you feel like wearing shorts to the gym or a basic tee, overall or you feel like going for a matching active-wear. Go for whichever fashion trend makes you confident in your skin and gives you that sense of individuality. Stylish active-wear definitely increases your motivation to hit the gym.

Because at the end of the day, we workout to feel comfortable and confident in our skins. 

There are some must-haves of gym-wear: flexible and breathable. Whichsoever fashion trends you may choose, don’t forget to incorporate these.


Cross-over legging

Trendy, tasteful, savvy are just a few ways to describe this fashionable activewear. Its waistband has been designed to accentuate your silhouette and is extremely comfortable to wear. What's more? It has pockets! Style it with a sexy yoga top for a chic, yet classy look. 

High Waisted leggings

Much like skinny jeans, high-waisted leggings seem to stay in fashion. Although the silhouette might make your stomach more visible than you would like, especially during an ab workout, these extremely stylish leggings clinch your waist, make your hips look slimmer and legs look longer. Their added functionality incorporated with how you wear them is what makes them so trendy. We think the best way to style it is with a crop top but a sports bra, and a tank top work just as well. You can go crazy with the color scheming, the options are limitless!

Yoga pants

The growing popularity of yoga pants is not surprising. This hassle-free activewear is made for everyone with its ultra-forgiving fabric. Regardless of your shape or size, your yoga pants will be there for you without getting stretched or bunched. From flared leggings to boot-cut, and their abundance of colour and size that range from fruity colors to pale soothing ones they can be flattering on all body types and with the luxury of being worn anywhere with the right styling. You can be ready to hit the gym without having to change them, looking fabulous as you do.  

Pocket Bike shorts

These flattering shorts suit all types of bodies. Their perfectly camouflaged pockets make them ideal for outdoor workouts especially when you are carrying a phone, keys, or other small essentials. Couple them with a basic top or sports bra and you are good to go. 

Leather leggings 

With a comfortable yet polished look, leather leggings have become the current hottest trend, becoming an activewear essential. These leggings provide a voguish leather look without all its rigidness. This provides all comforts of athleisure with style. Pair it with a hoodie or oversized t-shirt and you will still look ready to meet an acquaintance. 

One-piece activewear

The leotard look of the 80’s returns with a bang. Though it has some added details giving it a trendy and contemporary look. unitards, onesies, jumpsuits, or rompers. Whatever you may call it, it is a whole package, giving you a complete and fresh look. Where you don’t even have to worry about your tops or bottoms and focus solely on your workout. Moreover, it gives your back support, keeping your posture upright.

Tie-Dye Sweats

With their popularity growing during the pandemic, tie-dye sweats have reached the pinnacle of popularity, making their way into activewear. Easy to style, and a perfect DIY project, these are trendy, whimsical, affordable, and cozy. Personalize them to your liking and go crazy with the colors. 


Draw-string top

The exotic athletic pullover is a superb athletic piece you can take anywhere. Wearing this while leaving the gym looking as energetic as you entered. It’s for sure the most unique and economic workout tops for women as well as very comforting and light, keeping your body warm enough during the workout as well as cool enough when sweating. The adjustable drawstring doesn’t just make this stretchable e but also very fashionable.

Lingerie-Inspired Tops 

For the longest time lingeries has played an integral role in terms of apparel trends. At long last, they have finally squeezed their way into activewear. Lace-up fastenings to corset-inspired seams, getting in shape just got a whole lot sexier. 

Loose-fit tank tops

If you’re looking for some affordable additions to your activewear collection these breezy, budget-friendly tanks are your calling. Ideal for walks, hikes, jogs, and cardio sessions, they allow for better airflow with their racerback design, keeping you cool as you work. Their versatile design allows for some personalization, whether it be tying the loose fabric in a knot or leaving it as it is. 

Compression crop-top

Head to your gym with the perfect blend of style and comfort with this effortless top. It is an essential active gear that due to its compressing feature enables you to workout up to maximum intensity while its breathable, absorbent fabric keeps you dry and fresh even during vigorous training. 

Long sleeve compression tops

Hugging your body in a way that shows off your body, accentuating your torso and arms, this piece of athleisure is both breathable and flexible. Available in various diverse styles, you can pick whichever you find most flattering. In addition to this, they are extremely easy to style, wear them with shorts, or leggings you are sure to look fashionable.  

Cami top

One style that has remained persistent through the years as an essential activewear item is the cami top. This tight-fitting top is not only fashionable but provides good support due to its compression and adherent fabric feature that sticks to your skin. So enjoy your high-intensity workouts, boxing sessions, or a simple run around the park with ease and comfort. Due to its adherent, stretchable fabric, these tops are also easy to perform exercises such as yoga that require a lot of bending and stretching of muscles by keeping your body covered irrespective of your position. Pair this top up with high-rise leggings and serve that perfect gym look.   

Sports bras

Nova Bra

Nova bra is designed to support high-intensity workouts. It doesn't provide the appealing looks of a usual bra as it is specifically designed for athletes whether they are newbies or professionals. Due to its high neck design, the Bra holds everything in place while allowing you to breathe comfortably. 

Embrace Sports Bra

This bra is not for high-intensity workouts but more support and serving looks with its sleek plunge V-neck design that is comfortable and stretchable. Fits all body types up to a size of double D. 

High Impact Sports Bra

This bra supports high-intensity workouts that involve a lot of movement such as a HIIT workout, hence it keeps you in place while maintaining your body's comfort level. They have a unique design with rigid yet adjustable straps and a bottom band that provides compression resulting in maximum support while also remaining easy to breathe in. 

High Sport Underwire Sports Bra

This bra utilizes an underwire with sculpted cups that provide support for vigorous exercise and high-intensity workouts. They have a highly comfortable design due to adjustable straps and s soft, cotton fabric that keeps you dry and airy throughout the workout. 

Full-Figure Sports Bra

This bra is designed for people who perspire excessively as it is made from a breathable, sweat-absorbing fabric that assists you during vigorous exercises such as HIIT workouts. It ensures comfort along with maximum support due to its double stretchable elastic band and secure clasp on the back of the bra which also serves the purpose of looking fashionable.

Run Times Sports Bra

Specifically designed for runners, this bra features adjustable, padded straps and a soft, stretchable under-band that hugs your skin and provides support while also keeping you comfortable. Due to its highly comfortable feature, this bra can also be worn regularly. 


You tend to incline more towards jogger pants if you wish to lounge around and train both in normal or cold weather. They keep you comfortable all year round while keeping you warm as they feature an inward wool or fleece lining. This feature is also beneficial post-workout as they allow your body to cool down slowly preventing body aches. 

Joggers can be used to serve multiple looks as they go along with almost anything for instance a sports bra, jackets that are fitted, cropped, or oversized, gym sets, hoodies, sweatshirts, and even t-shirts. You can easily dress up and look put together according to any occasion. Though this is a highly versatile, must-have, it is important to buy it in your own size to ensure your comfort according to your workout gear because loose clothes become difficult to manage and can result in injuries. 

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