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Athletic wear is no longer the wardrobe section that is reserved for your gym only. It is not only socially acceptable but in trend. Fitness wear is casually seen everywhere & worn by everyone — that includes your favorite celebrities, style icons -streets fashion, traveling wear, fitness studios & in your happy hour. Brands now offer activewear lines & workout clothes that fit multi-faceted luxury and casual lifestyles. 

Fitness Fashion 

Fashion & fitness both go hand in hand. Fashion is more likely a way of expression without using words. On the other hand, fitness is defined as an optimal health state & overall well-being. Fitness isn’t all about your physical state, but emotional & psychological as well. Fitness & fashion are related to each other for ages, but now the link between both of them is more significant than ever. Fashion leaves a positive or negative effect on a person's health & vice versa.

Awareness regarding yoga, meditation & routine workout has been rising among people, and for most of them, it has become an essential part of their lifestyle. While adults go to the park, fitness class, gym, or indulge themself in any activity that keeps them physically fit, they want the assurance of wearing an appropriate outfit that is comfortable enough for the activity they are doing besides making them feel confident. People express themselves by the clothes they wear. So, everyone wants to make sure their style goes well with their physique.  

This concept that originates the term “athletic fashion” refers to the clothing style you wear during work out. The athletic fashion industry has been emerging & growing speedily around the globe. As people have begun to understand the significance of being physically & mentally fit.

What is Athleisure?

Besides the gym and fitness routines, our work lives are hectic & busy more than ever. Comfortable & practical clothing is one of the basic modern-day demands. We all want something that we can wear easily to the dance studio, on the streets, and to a casual lunch in one comfortable outfit that can do it all. And yes, without neglecting your style. So, it narrows to combining fashion & function and creating a chic and wearable look. Well, for casual wear Athleisure is the answer. It's like Turning your performance wear into your everyday wear. This clothing style blurs the boundaries between the clothes one would wear to his gym & those he would wear to lunch. 

Athleisure is defined as a casual clothing style that can be worn while exercising & in general use. This concept might be technically correct, but a little bit dull. Its true beauty comes when it is practical & completely fashionable. Relaxed & cool style sportswear that is chic & comfortable. Unlike other clothing styles, athleisure is a reflection of changing lifestyles. It is more than just a trend. It is associated with increased health consciousness, hectic and busy schedules, & relaxed dressing standards. Undoubtedly, with all these facts and benefits investing the time and money is right, athleisure is worth it! 

Athleticwear Fashion Ideas

Wearing your activewear all day long is more than acceptable. People of all ages and genders can wear them without hesitation. No matter if it is wearing leggings with a long coat & a scarf, or pairing a cropped T-shirt underneath a denim jacket & high-heeled boots. Here are some tips for incorporating your gym wear into your everyday wardrobe. 

  1. Mix Function and Fashion 

Mixing the function and fashion is the right approach for integrating your athleisure into the regular wardrobe. Blend fashion items like jeans, leather jackets, denim jackets, or even heels with your activewear pieces. Like sneakers, a sports bra or sweat pants will give you a well-balanced chic look. Try mixing your traditional gym wear with non-gym-appropriate materials. Fix your eye on a fitness ear that is comfortable, sports-inspired, and stylish. Invest in pieces that are made up of high-performance fabric & a great aesthetic option.

  1. Keep up with the seasonal trends

Until a few years ago, fitness lacked fashion trends. It was more like a black comfortable clothing line. But now it has become seasonal. Mesh parents, lining, piping zipping, and trendy printed change with every season in this line of clothing. If you are someone who faces trouble in choosing the right colors or prints then sticking to neutral tones can be your best friend. They serve well in giving you effortless stylish looks. Activewear as regular clothing is more about minimalism & comfort. 

  1. Accessorize appropriately

Accessories play a key role in elevating your athletic wear. So that’s why you must choose them carefully. These are the key pieces that take your look to another level. Most people accessorize them with trendy items like sunglasses & colorful sneakers for combating the relaxed style of leggings & tank tops. These pieces can style your athleisure, and simply shift it from the gym to the streets. 

  1. Wear clean and quality pieces

Your comfort clothing doesn’t have to be your high school time sneakers or the oldest workout shirt that you don’t want to give up on. For styling your fitness clothing you have to buy clean and fresh pieces from time to time that fits you perfectly. Invest in quality fabric & durable stitching.   

  1. Dress for Occasion

Wearing activewear out of your gym necessarily needs acknowledging when they are appropriate to wear & when they are not. Athleisure is probably not the clothing you would want to go into a job interview or some wedding. They are comfortable and stylish enough for your lunch and evening drinks. The more formal the occasion is, the more fashionable and high-end your outfit should be. However, the more casual the situation is, the more functional your dress should be.

  1. Mesh 

Rather than fading out, meshed fabrics are taking over the sports clothing line. They are highly popular in the range of leggings & tights as they give the sensation of dynamism. Mesh panels and patterns are now becoming a rule on sports bras & bra tops. Usually in the form of a V-shaped mesh panel at the neckline. It gives the same comfort but with transparency & a peculiar design.

  1. Go Vintage

Your love for baggy hoodies and sweatpants is something that would be always supported by activewear. You can always feel alive and kick the fashion with a vintage look. Fitness fashion too craves the nostalgia of the 1980s. Jogger pants are gaining the spotlight nowadays. They are available in different fits & styles. 

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Mix up your sports pieces with the regular fashion wardrobe, it will give you a more balanced look
  • Get creative regarding mixing pieces & layering. And follow the seasonal activewear trends.
  • Mix-up fashion wears like jackets, bags, glasses with your sportswear. 
  • Wear them clean and the ones that are in good condition
  • Try pairing them with your favorites i.e jewelry & accessories. 
  • Do not drop off all the bright colors and prints. Represent your style with them by getting creative. 
  • Layer up your sports pieces. Use the neon colors more than the gym gear, especially on shoes.
  • Pairing up leggings with trendy tops and long coats. 
  • Athleisure can be worn to work casually if you replace the blazer with your bomber jacket or your sporty T-shirt with tailored pieces.
  • Style a crop top with high-waisted pants for having a stylish & easy athleisure look.
  • If black is your thing, try it with mesh panels and parents for adding more dynamism to the outfit

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