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A well-rounded physical fitness is the building block to a healthy lifestyle. Working out doesn't improve the quality of your life but enhances and defines your body features. The most prominent muscles of the body that people see at the first sight are facial muscles. Just like the rest of our body, the human face and neck region is made up of more than 57 muscles. They need exercise for staying toned & fit. 

The human face is one of the most beautiful features of the whole body. Having clear, taut, smooth, and flawless skin often gets difficult at times. Especially when we age. Facial exercises are one of the efficient solutions that prevent natural skin sagging. A lot of celebrities endorsed facial workouts that are designed for slimming the face & reversing the aging signs. The novel idea of facial exercise is usually referred to as facial yoga. Facial workouts include stretching & movement of facial muscles, which works well for losing & lessening the appearance of the tight scar on yours. Some of these workout’s help reduce wrinkles, filling hollow cheeks, and reducing facial fat. For knowing more about physical fitness and workouts click here. 

Following are some of the effective facial exercises that help in keeping your face toned & youthful.

Warm-Up your facial muscles 

Like the rest of full-body workouts, your facial muscles should be warmed before you perform those face slimming tricks on them. Sit down or stand up calmly at a place by keeping your back straight and upright. And try singing the vowels as long as you easily can. Say “A”, “E”, "I," "O, and "U". Keep on saying these alphabets till your entire face gets warm. For jazzing up trying singing these vowels in rhythm. 

Workout 1: Sit down, & tilt the head back. Imagine yourself trying to reach the roof with the lower lip. Stick out and elevate the lower lip as far as possible. Hold it there for five to ten seconds. Take a short break, & repeat it two to three times.

Workout 2: Cross both of your arms over the chest, & start raising your chin slowly while standing straight in a position. Once you crossed the limit, inhale deeply and count for ten to fifteen seconds. After that start returning your facial muscles to the point from where you started. 

Workout 3: It is a very effective and simple workout. That helps in lessening the risk of losing the elasticity in the cheeks. Remember keeping the head straight during the whole activity. Then pull both corners of the lips down, while returning to the position from where you started. Repeat this activity at least five times, till you start experiencing the tension in your cheeks.

Workout 4: Start this exercise by sitting straight, while holding a pencil tightly between your lips. And try writing your name with that pencil in the air without making your head move. Keep performing this workout for 3 minutes. And take a short break, repeat this exercise a few more times.

Workout 5: This workout works incredibly well for your neck muscles. It also tones up your jawline and chin. Start this movement by tilting your head slightly to the right, and try reaching the shoulder with the ear. Then keep on pressing the right hand against the right of your head, while resisting your head & neck. Hold the position for 10 seconds, & repeat this movement for the other side.

Workout 6: Start this workout by taking a deep breath, then press your lips tightly against each other, & suck in the mouthful of air. After that put both of your hands on the cheeks in a way that the fingers cover your whole ears. Then push against the cheeks, while generating a resistance with your muscles. Hold that position for five to ten seconds. Take a short break, & repeat the exercise five to six times. 

Workout 7: Start this workout by wide opening your mouth, & covering all of your teeth with the lips. Then try moving the lower jaw forward, & pushing your chin against the finger. Try resisting the fingers by using your facial muscles, making contracting & relaxing movements. Repeat this exercise 10 times

Workout 8: It is one of the most effective and difficult exercises that strengthen the jaw and tongue muscles. Start this activity by putting both of the fists under your chin, & press the tongue against the bottom surface of the mouth. Then push the chin up by using your fists, and resist that pressure by using your tongue. Hold that position for 30 seconds. After that take a short break, & repeat the exercise 10 times.

Workout 9: This facial workout is performed for keeping your brows upon the exact place where they belong. Start this workout by putting the index & middle fingers together in the closed peace sign above the left edges of your eyebrows. Then rest your fingernails & start pushing your skin gently down. Then lift both of your brows up & down, while generating a resistance by using the weight of your fingernails. Repeat this exercise 10 times and complete 6 sets of this exercise. 

Workout 10: This workout is specifically designed to give sculpted fat cheeks & a chance of making the fish face again and again? Start this workout by tilting your head slightly towards the back & push your chin slightly forward. Then start sucking your cheeks in as far as you easily can. It will squeeze your lips. Hold the position for five seconds. Perform 3 sets of ten to fifteen reps.  

Exercises that help in defining the jawline

A sharp line is something that we all want. And for obvious reasons how incredibly it enhances your facial features. The front neck muscles are usually underdeveloped, inhibited, & hardly worked out. These workouts not only sharpen our jawline but help in preventing neck pain, jaw pain, and headaches. 

  1. Neck curls up

Think of this workout as the abdominal curl of your neck. It is done by lying on the back with your tongue pressed towards the upper side of your mouth. Activate. This action will activate your front-neck muscles. Then bring the chin closer to the chest & start lifting your head off from the ground almost 2 inches. Avoid lifting your stomach & don’t poke the chin out. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps. Perform this workout slowly as doing it too fast will cause neck strain.

  1. Collar bone backup

This workout can be done in various positions i.e seated, standing, and lying on your back. It all depends on your comfort level. Start this workout by keeping the head level on the ground, then bring the head up several inches back for feeling muscles on each side of the throat try contracting & relaxing them. Perform 3 sets of 10 reps at first.

  1. Tongue twister

This exercise specifically targets the muscles under your chin. It sharpens and defines your jawline while reducing fat at the bottom of your chin. Start this workout by placing your tongue towards the roof of your mouth directly at the back of your teeth. Then press the tongue completely close to the upper surface of your mouth while adding tension. Try making a humming and vibrating sound. It will activate the muscles of your chine. Perform 3 sets of 15 reps. 

These exercises play a role in keeping your facial muscle firm and toned. Make sure you accompany these exercises with a clean diet and lifestyle. Doing so will double up the effects.

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