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Biker aesthetics are pretty common and famous nowadays. If you are a “sons of anarchy” fan, you might already know about the motorcycle aesthetic. Shiny black helmet, leather jacket, jeans, long shoes, and sunglasses are seen as a benchmark for motorcycle guys however when it comes to women, we have very few shows to get inspiration from. Even if you are impressed by “Riverdale” or “Ginny and Georgia”, there are very few scenes that describe the bikers’ aesthetic for women. Some people even find it very confusing that there is a biker girl's aesthetic. For most women biker aesthetics is considered to be just the same for men and in most cases, it is true because you cannot dictate what to wear, however, most women want to create a separate identity for themselves and that is also a good idea.

When we talk about proper attire for a motorcycle, we are not singling out a gender instead we are encouraging them to wear something that will help them for the long motorcycle journeys. Apart from this, with the help of proper attire, you can stay safe even in case of an accident. We know that motorcycle gear and apparel might be a little expensive for some, but these gears ensure that no matter where you go or how much you ride your motorcycle you can do it safely.

Why We Have to Set Appropriate Gear for Motorcycle Riders?

Motorcycle riding gear is not all about aesthetics, it is more than just-style. It makes the journey easier and you will be safe as well. Even if we talk about the stereotypical outfit that we keep seeing, we see that everyone is wearing a full-face helmet that protects the head and face region. In most cases, if an accident occurs, the head region is very vulnerable and the accident can even become fatal. Apart from this, the leather jacket provides enough room to wear all the protective gear that can help you keep your elbow, shoulder, and body-safe. Most people find it very embarrassing that they have to wear knee and shoulder pads so wearing a leather jacket gives them camouflage so that they can wear anything they want. With the help of the sunglasses, the vision has not strained the eyes and can be protected from harsh light as well as sand. Even if you are a woman and you want to break free from the basic and stereotypical biker’s aesthetic, you need to keep one thing in mind and that is the use of a full body outfit. If you are not going to protect yourself, this might make you vulnerable to injury. We have seen that most women do not care about the coverage and they even ride their motorcycle in a dress but this can only be done for a short distance. If you want to go on a road trip, you must follow the basic code of dressing.

To help the beginner understand what they should wear on a motorcycle or how they can turn any kind of dressing into motorcycle-friendly we have listed out a few details that can help everyone. Although the inspiration has been taken from men dressing but with few exceptions, we have listed down everything according to the need of a woman.

Best Motorcycle Riding Clothing for Women

As a women rider, most women struggle with finding a good enough attire. In case they find their aesthetic and the attire they do not find something that fits them well and all these things are important and related to each other. If we start from the dressing point of view, we are not at all discouraging the attire choice that a woman finds easier to adjust. You can become your boss and that is okay, even if you want to ride a motorcycle in a dress or a jumpsuit, you can do that as well but there is no room for protective gear and for us, safety always comes first.

For a woman, the first thing that you must ensure in your attire is the helmet, it is for your safety and you don’t have to take this as something that only men should wear. The Head is a very vulnerable part of the body and you must make sure you keep your head, shoulder, and neck region very safe. So, get the helmet that you like but make sure it provides the full coverage. If we look at stats, we can see that a helmet helps in reducing the intensity of head injury up to 37% and if we talk about fatal accidents, it is said to protect you from any injury up to 67%.

Once you are done with your helmet, get a solid jacket and you don’t have to restrict yourself to a basic leather jacket. You will find some of the most exceptional motorcycle jackets on the market. There are basic leather jackets that you can choose from but there are also mesh jackets, denim jackets, fabric-based jackets, and hybrid jackets. So, if you are riding in the summers try to avoid thick leather jackets and switch to a mesh jacket. To embrace your womanhood, you can also get something that is bright and funky. One thing that you must keep in mind while buying a motorcycle jacket is the quality of the jacket and the fit. Your motorcycle jacket must have enough room for movement so that you can move around while riding. Additionally, do not get something that is very heavy or very baggy because this will restrict your movement as well. Try something that you find convenient, easy to fit in, and comfortable.

After the jacket, you need to get something to cover your legs. Get something that is thick enough that even if you end up hurting yourself it never gets too much. This will help you protect your knee especially. Long pants, especially leather and jeans are thick enough to protect you from any injury. This will also help you from direct heat, so if you are thinking of riding in a dress make sure you are not risking a sunlight burn or tan.

Once you are done with pants, try getting a good pair of shoes that fits you perfectly and covers your ankles. Most people do not get the logic of covering the ankle; however, we will make it easier for you to understand. A good pair of shoes will protect your feet from exhaust pipe heat and even if you end up touching the pipe by mistake, you will not end up with burned or bruised skin. This is the reason; it is very important to get something that can cover your feet.

Finally, get something to cover your hands as well. We have seen that women like to take care of their hands and that is indeed and very good thing. However, when you are on long rides, you will notice your hands will start to get darker due to direct sunlight and this might even lead to sunburn as well. If you are looking for gloves, make sure you get something that covers your hands completely because if you get something that only covers half your fingers, this will give your tan lines. As a rider, you need to have a solid grip on the steering and brakes, so you need to choose the gloves accordingly. You might find a few gloves that have a rubber pattern on the palm, these gloves will give you a good enough grip and you don’t have to push too hard as well.

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