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I don't know what it is, but I've been wearing a lot of red lately. I've always loved this color, but I am reaching for red items in my closet a lot more lately. Even if it's just in details, I feel good having something red on. I guess one of the reasons is that Autumn and Winter in Denmark, where I am right now, are really dark, cloudy and grey, so wearing a pop of color like that just adds a bit of warmth, at least psychologically. 😃
Keeping my current obsession in mind, I was looking for some cool unique red dresses online and stumbled upon this shop called Stylewe. I was impressed by their selection of various affordable independent fashion designers. Rather than just being another online shop, they would like to create a community which will be shared by both designers and customers. The community will enable all parties to communicate, share ideas and recognize each other. While I was browsing their site, I saw that they have a wide selection of really fun and unusual red dresses, so I decided to do a little wishlist for you to show you some of my favorites. If you would like to know more about Stylewe, in addition to visiting their site, you can also visit their Instagram and Twitter pages. Tell me which dress is your fave.
xoxo S.

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