How To Wear Velvet


A wise man once said: "I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable.". That wise man was of course George Costanza from one of the most popular sitcoms ever, Seinfeld.  😃 As I was preparing to write this post, this epic quote just popped into my mind, which is not surprising considering I have watched every episode of Seinfeld like a gazillion times. It's one of my favourite tv show of all times, so no wonder random quotes keep popping in my head... Haha! Anyway, this 90's quote is so perfect for this day and age considering velvet is everywhere right now. I have to say, I've been a big fan of this fabric for quite a long time, so I'm very happy that it's so trendy. However, some people do find it a bit tricky to wear, so I decided to share my tips on how to wear it.


There are so many ways to wear velvet. It all depends on how brave you are. If you were not that fond of velvet before but now you want to try to incorporate it into your wardrobe in small amounts, a nice velvet choker might be a good idea (check out these gorgeous ones in black and burgundy). This way you are not going to be overwhelmed, but you can still say you are trying out this trend. If that goes well, the next step might be choosing a cool top or a sweatshirt made from this soft and luxurious material. I would pair it with jeans, denim skirt or shorts; basically I think velvet looks really good with anything denim. It would also look great with a leather skirt. If you're feeling more adventurous, you might even want to try it with one of these tulle skirts that are very on trend right now. The next step might be trying out a velvet jacket or a blazer, like for example this long bomber jacket that I absolutely fell in love with. I think it's so unexpected to make a bomber jacket in velvet, but it looks so good! Maybe my favourite way to incorporate velvet into your wardrobe is in a dress. Velvet dresses look so luxe, comfy and stylish, so who wouldn't want to wear them?! Pair them with your favourite pair of over the knee boots, pumps or high heeled sandals.


If you ask me, you can wear velvet almost anywhere. It's just the matter of knowing the right amount. I wouldn't overdo it with velvet if you work in a very traditional corporate environment. A dark colored velvet blazer would work very well in this case, like black or dark purple. If you work in a very relaxed, more creative environment, then anything goes, right? Velvet dresses are perfect for a night out on town with your girlfriends or for going to the cinema, theater or dinner.


Velvet is a very luxurious, sexy fabric. It looks expensive although it's usually not, so it's perfect for making your entire outfit look more expensive than it actually is. Another reason to love it is that it's very soft and quite warm, hence it's the right material for Autumn and Winter. Also, let's not forget it's one of the biggest trends right now!

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  1. Velvet is really on trend nowadays... Thanks for the tip!


  2. i will join the velvet trend with some lace top this year :)


    ps. i invite you to enter my giveaway!

  3. Velvet is nice and elegant but not always so easy to combine and if you have pets sometimes becames a sort of mission impossible, but velvet is always super fashinating choice!


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