GUEST POST | Things You Should Consider When Choosing Makeup Brush Sets


Choosing a makeup brush set is a very sensitive topic among women and everybody has its own preferences. Given the fact that there are a lot of products on the market is very important to know what to choose. It's important what you want but there are some other aspects that need to be considered when choosing makeup brush sets. Bellow, we will present a few tips regarding what should you consider when choosing a brush set and most important, what should you avoid.

  1. Synthetic or natural When choosing a makeup brush set, a lot of women are asking themselves this questiom And the answer is, it depends. Both materials are good and are being used by makeup artists around the world. The fiber of the brush should mostly be influenced by what are you going to apply with it. For example, a synthetic fiber brush will be great with creams but not so satisfactory with powders / blush. Instead, a natural fiber brush will be great for powders. So, when you choose between synthetic and natural, choose based on this criteria. Or why not, choose both!

  2. Expensive is not always the best Choosing a makeup brush set is a big deal and you don't want to make the wrong choice when buying one. That's why, most women are intimidated by the multitude of options on the market and tend to choose from the most expensive products, thinking that they are automatically the best. This is not true at all and price should not be a decisive factor when choosing makeup brush sets. There are a lot of reasons for which a certain product is more expensive, and most of the time quality isn't one of them. So set a budget and choose the best set from that price range.

  3. Online reviews are gold This applies whenever you're undecided regarding a certain product. So let's say that you found a brush set that seems right for you and has a decent price. But still, something stops you from buying it. What you need to do is check for people that actually bought that product before and had the courtesy of reviewing it. Chances are high that you will find some reviews / forum topics regarding your set. Read the information carefully and remember, one bad review doesn't necessarily mean that you should avoid that set.

  4. Choose what's best for you There are a lot of good makeup brush sets but one thing is certain, there is no perfect one. Why? Because everything is subjective. That's why makeup artists have more than one set. Because it depends on the makeup they are going to use and of course, on the persom So when buying a makeup brush set make sure that it's actually best for you and you will enjoy using it. There are a lot of professional shops or stands that let you try any brush for free. Considering that it would be a little hard to try them all, you should make a list from home with the products that you would like. Try every single brush from a certain set and see how it behaves. And take your time, nobody is going to rush you. That's why they are there, after all.

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