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Picking your outfit takes a lot of consideration. And everything has to be just right. You need to make sure that you know exactly what you are doing, where you are going, what the weather will be like and, very often, who will be there. What we choose to wear is important to us, and that can even go right down to which shoes we pick.

But your shoes say quite a lot about who you are, and what type of person you are. When we see a shoe, we don’t just see that shoe; we see the concept of that type of footwear, and all of the people that have worn that particular style before. Whether we plan for it or not, our shoes are saying a great deal about us. 

Here are a few examples of the types of things particular shoes say about us. 

Flat Shoes

If you wear flat shoes you a practical person, who gets the job done, you might be a leader, but you are happy not to steal the limelight or demand the credit. People get what they see with you, and there are no pretences. 

Strappy Heel

You like to party and want to be the centre of attention. You have perseverance and determination and quite a lot of inner strength, as these are not practical shoes, and dancing the night away in them is quite a feat. 


High boots show an assertive personality. Quite often, they say that you are a dominant person, and you are strong. 


You are self-confident and outgoing. You stand above those around you. 


Going for the sporty look shows that you have lots of energy and are always on the go. You may well be competitive, and you will also be a natural leader. 

Designer Shoes

You have status, and you are not afraid to show it. There is a certain degree of self-confidence about wearing designer shoes. They are a bold statement, and it shows that you appreciate the more beautiful things in life.

Well Worn Shoes

Well worn shoes show a person who is in touch with their feelings. Ethical matters may also be of great importance too. 


Wearing fashion trainers shows that you have a young heart. You can relate to people of all ages, and you also like to be comfortable and at ease. 


Flip-flop wearers are never in a great rush. You can’t move fast in flip-flops. You take life as it comes and you enjoy the moment. You don’t like to be phased by anything. 

Chances are that you own quite a few of the styles above and are happy wearing quite a few. We often fulfil different roles within our everyday lives, and having the right shoes to say to the world; this is who you are today, is no bad thing. Pick your shoes to make the statement that you want, and be proud of the person you chose to be. 

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