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Photography in a wedding is very important and some people even think that it might be the most important part of a wedding party and we don’t dispute. It is the photos that stores the memories for thousands of years. The photo of your first kiss will be displayed all over the walls of your house and your Instagram account will be filled with these photos and videos.

The photos and videos are definitely the most visible memories. But of course, before all that you have to professional wedding photographer who will be with you the whole time capturing the magical moments? A photographer is no magician so he cannot possibly know how you want your photos taken or even the date of the wedding if you don’t tell him. So, if you want to get perfect photos that you will be reminding you of this special day for years, you will definitely need to communicate to your photographer clearly.

So, what are the things you must ensure that your photographer knows before the wedding day?

V. Tell your photographer the most important thing about your photos.
Before you hire a wedding photographer, you need to sit down with your partner and ask yourselves what is the most important thing to you when it comes to photography. What makes you happy, what type of images appeals you the most? Go through the internet on platforms like Pinterest and get an idea of how you might want your photos to look like. Send some photos that you like to the photographer so that he can get an idea of your vision too. For example you might want your photos to have those incredible night shots but you of course don’t want to skip the bridal party images. If you communicate this to your photographer in advance, he will be able to pay close attention to what matters the most to you.
V. What is the most important when it comes to the photographer himself.
Let us be real, it is not just the photos that matters during your wedding party right? You might be wanting some cool and nice pictures but there is still more to consider before you hire a wedding photographer. For example, how do you want him to wear, or do you want him to show up on your wedding wearing sweatpants and a hood? And instead of people focusing on the photos they be concentrating on the photographer.
A photographer who doesn’t seem like he is prepared he might end up ruining the experience of your guests and make your parents and in laws disappointed. If the photographer is making some rude comments or stepping on the toes of everyone while taking the photos, he will definitely make the people turn off. If the photographer is so bossy and just seems to be frustrated at every small thing, that’s not a photographer to hire for your special occasion. You need to go for a photographer who has an open mind, one who understands and one who will stick to the agenda.
V. Communicate the wedding date and timeline of the day to the photographer.
If you want the wedding to be perfect it is very wise not to ignore the timeline detail. The wedding timelines eliminates potential stress and the potential of sacrificing some wedding photos coz time is less. Create a timeline of your wedding day even if it is just a rough idea and share it with your photographer. Some experienced wedding photographers might even help you with creating a perfect wedding timeline. If you don’t have a well-planned timeline for your wedding day, a lot of time will be wasted and the only way to cater for the lost time is by reducing the time for your wedding photos.
V. Make your photographer aware of the photos that matters the most.

 It won’t hurt if you give your photographer a short list of the most important photos to you following a particular order. But if you hire an experienced photographer you might not need to make any list because they are usually familiar with the wedding procedures. They know exactly the wedding details that must be captured. But if you are hiring a newbie, there is no need to risk, just write him a well detailed list that he will follow so that every detail can be captured. But do you really have to go through all that? Just hire an experienced photographer all you need to tell him is the details of what really matters to you and the moments that usually occurs during the wedding that you forgot to mention, he will be sure to capture because he knows they should be captured.
V. Communicate your fears.
 Of course this is no easy thing to do. That’s why you should make sure that you hire a wedding photographer you can trust. You need to be able to communicate your worst fears with your photographer at a comfort level. By communicating your worst fears with the photographer he will help you conquer them and this will make your wedding more Amazing.
V. The family drama.
Don’t be afraid to communicate the family dramas to your wedding photographers. This is their line of duty, they have seen lots of them in other weddings and there will always be family dramas that’s why they are families. If it is divorced parents communicate to your photographer in advance, if you have an auntie who don’t like being photographed, communicate in advance. Giving an example, your parents might be divorced and they can’t stand being next to each other. If you don’t tell your wedding photographer in advance he might insist that they stay close to each other and this might lead to unnecessary awkward situations in your wedding day.
And before I finish, it is also very important to tell your photographer what you don’t want. Most people are always consumed with telling their photographers what they want and they end up forgetting what they don’t want.

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