Dreaming of Spring Shoes


Hello everyone!
I can't tell you how happy I am that Spring is close. I'm really tired of this gloomy Danish weather and can't wait for warmer days. Warmer days also mean cuter outfits, am I right? 😉 A very important part of a great outfit are shoes of course. I have been browsing so many online shops recently in the search of cute Spring shoes that I would love to wear. While doing so, I came across this lovely website called FSJ Shoes which offers a wide variety of all the types of shoes you could think of. Whether you're into leopard print pumps, stripper heels, sandals, boots, or any other style, I am sure you can find the right pair for yourself on FSJ Shoes.
In addition to that, they also offer an option called "customize shoes", which is amazing because you can literally design your own shoes! How cool is that?! You can let your imagination run free and make any type of shoes you want. And all of that at very affordable prices. This is not one of those websites where you have to pay a fortune to have something customized. FSJ shoes fulfils your wishes at reasonable prices.
I don't know about you, but I personally feel like wearing pretty pastel coloured shoes this Spring. As I will be spending my Spring in Denmark, it can be quite difficult to pull off since it's often still cold and rainy here during Spring so I mostly wear ankle boots or boots. However, I do hope this Spring will be nicer in Denmark, so that i can wear more light coloured shoes. I found so many cute pastel coloured pairs on FSJ Shoes, that I just had to share some of my faves with you.
The first pair of nude pumps is such a classic. Every woman should own a pair of heels like that. They are perfect for every occasion and go well with everything. The second pair has to be one of the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen. The combination of these colors and the metallic heels make these shoes irresistible. I would definitely love to own a unique pair like that. And how about this third pair?! How adorable are these pastel pink gradient pumps?! I think every girl would agree that these would be the perfect Spring companion. As for the fourth pair, I decided to show you these cute leopard print flats. In my eyes, leopard print never goes out of style, and if you wear it in the right way, it can really bring your outfit to a whole new level. That being said, leopard print is super trendy for this Spring, so you have another reason to wear it.
I hope you enjoyed the post and I definitely recommend you to check out FSJ Shoes and find your perfect pair of shoes for Spring. Let me know which pair is your favorite.
xoxo S.

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  1. loving shoes in the first photo:D

  2. loved all the pictures! I am a sucker for leopard print booties and stilettos!:)


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