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Travel is always fun and exciting, but travelling in a group? Even better! Whether it’s a bunch of your best friends or your extended family, going away together enables you to make memories that last a lifetime and share a really special experience together. However, there are some challenges that you’ll face since there are more people to please than when it’s just you and your partner. Here’s how you can plan (an execute) a successful group trip.

Work out where you’re going
The very first thing you’ll need to do when you’re going away is decide on the location. This can be difficult enough as chances are there will be lots of ideas being thrown around. Start off by deciding on a continent you’re all happy on and then narrowing it down from there, you’ll need to find out what everyone’s budget is and how far they’re happy to go. If you narrow down a few places but can’t agree on an exact destination you could always write them down and pull one out of a hat. At that point, if anyone disagrees and doesn’t want to go ahead then they have the choice to pull out. If price is what’s swaying them, if you look for group discounts then a bargain price might help to persuade those who are caught on the fence with their decision. Remind everyone that it’s not just the destination but the experience overall, if certain people are desperate to go to a certain place but this conflicts with the rest of the group then they can always go and visit another time on a separate trip. If all of you go into it with a flexible mindset, and make the most of any destination (even if it’s not your first choice) you can still have a fantastic time and let the trip surprise you!

Find the right accommodation
When you’re a bigger group, finding a place with enough hotel rooms close together might be tricky, it will also cost a fair bit too. What can be a better option is to rent a house or villa. That way you’re all together and can enjoy that shared experience more. Sites like rumah murah di depok have lists of apartments and houses for short term holiday lets, or you could go with a traditional villa with a pool depending on the destination. It will save money if you’re all chipping in, and you have the luxury of the private shared spaces like the garden, pool and kitchen. You can enjoy relaxing together in the evening and cooking meals together, even if you have split into smaller groups throughout the day.

Split up if you need to
Speaking about splitting up, this is something you shouldn’t be afraid to do if you’re going away as a bigger group. You’re not all going to have the same interests, and forcing people to come along to things they won’t enjoy could cause resentment and just waste their precious vacation time. Make it clear from the outset that going your separate ways some of the days is fine, that way people know what to expect. Of course, be sure to schedule some things together- group meals in the evenings, a day at a theme park together perhaps or just a show on one of the nights. But the rest of the time, you can plan activities in smaller groups and people can decide which they’d like to go along to. If you have children coming with you for example then their parents will probably want to take them to do fun kids stuff some of the days, where as other group members will want to go and do things more suited to them. Some of the group might want to go out and enjoy the nightlife while others wont. Let everyone enjoy what interests them, you don’t have to do every single thing together to make a group trip enjoyable.

Who is responsible for what?
When you’re sharing accommodation it’s going to involve some cooking, shopping, washing and cleaning. It helps to say from the outset who is responsible for what, how chores will be split up and what’s expected of everyone. Again, if all of these things get left to certain people it’s going to cause resentment and they’re not going to have time to enjoy their holiday. If you have someone that loves to cook then they might happily take charge of the meals, but then everyone else will need to decide who shops for the groceries, who does the washing up and other tasks. It doesn’t need to be tedious or time consuming, but it keeps your environment tidy and lets you stay organised which can keep stress levels down.

Be Patient
When you travel as a group, there are many personalities on the trip and so things might not always run completely smoothly. Some people might be difficult, others might not feel well, you might have kids crying and every minute of the trip might not be perfect. However, it’s all to do with how well you cope, and you’ll look back years later and laugh about it. Be aware at the time that you will all have to be patient with each other, and put up with each others ways. It’s why having a plan for group activities as well as the freedom to split up where needed is useful as you get that space away where you can relax and do your own thing.

Have you ever travelled as a big group?

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