Styling for Ljepota & Zdravlje


Since I've been so busy with school in the last two months working on a big project, I actually forgot to share with you a very important thing that happened to me at the beginning of this year... While I was home in Croatia for Christmas holidays, I was asked by a Croatian magazine Ljepota & Zdravlje to style a Valentine's day inspired editorial for their February issue. Of course I was honoured that they asked me, and I immediately said yes. The only thing I had to keep in mind is that every look (there are 7 looks all together) needs to have at least one red item as a part of it. This all happened literally a few days before I had to go back to Denmark, so I was very limited by time, and I had 2 crazy days of running around Zagreb borrowing stuff from stores, and returning them later. Inspite all of this, the shoot was amazing, the crew was super cool and everything went smoothly. I can definitely say this was a wonderful experience, and thanks to this, I know I would definitely like to get more into styling. It just makes me happy! What also made me happy, is all the positive feedback I got for the first time I styled an editorial. 
Anyway, this editorial was in the February issue of the magazine, and i really wish I shared it with you earlier, but - better late then never! :)
Tell me what you think...
xoxo Sienna

| Ljepota & Zdravlje, February 2015 |

Photo: Dorijan Kljun
Styling: Sienna Ana Belic
Make up: Kasandra Draganic
Hair: Cookie hair
Model: Magdalena R./Midikenn

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  1. Super cool! That experience is wonderful, congratulations =D

  2. very pretty!

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