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Sunglasses. The most important accessories for the warm months. I wear them even when it's not so sunny, but now that Spring has officially begun, it's the right time to get some new cool sunnies for the upcoming months. And just how cool are these pairs by London Retro?! Thanks to, I got to choose some London Retro sunglasses, and review them. I chose two pairs - The Nancy model and the Babs model. And honestly, I can't decide which pair I like more. These sunglasses come in beautiful leather cases, which just makes them look and feel even more luxurious. If you are looking for a new pair of great quality sunglasses, but you are not willing to spend a lot of money on them, I think London Retro is a fabulous choice, because their sunnies are definitely great value for the money! Let me know which is your favorite pair :)
xoxo Sienna

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  2. These sunglasses are lovely!! Thanks for sharing!
    Your blog is really cute, I've just followed you by the way <3

  3. nice shades!

  4. Digging that pair with gold on it :)
    Lovely !


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