InstaOctober 2013


1. Outfit post; 2. Clubbing; 3. At Cro A Porter;
4. Outfit post; 5. New in; 6. Relaxing with Yankee Candle;
7. New in: c/o Rings and Tings; 8. The essentials; 9. Outfit post;

October was a pretty hectic month, so I have a lot of Instagram pictures this time... Enjoy!
xoxo S.

1. Cinema night: Before Midnight; 2. Outfit post; 3. Outfit post;
4. New organic beauty products thanks to DM; 5. At Cro A Porter; 6. Outfit post;
7. At Cro A Porter; 8. Outfit/event post; 9. Outfit/event post;

1. My pumpkin for Halloween; 2. At Cro A Porter; 3. Halloween clubbing;
4. 80's rocker chic on Halloween; 5. Outfit post

1. At Cro A Porter; 2. Autumn in Zagreb; 3. At Cro A Porter;
4. Outfit/event post; 5. Outfit post; 6. At Cro A Porter;
7. Pumpkin risotto; 8. Outfit post; 9: OOTD;

INSTAGRAM: @siennaana

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