Should You Opt for Classic or Coloured Diamonds?


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Diamonds have long been associated with wealth and luxury, and there’s something about their translucent sparkle that just adds a luxe touch to any outfit. However, in recent years, there has been an emerging trend for wearing coloured diamonds, which can create some really unique and inspiring looks. Here are some of the most popular diamond colours and a guide to choosing these impressive rocks.

Colourless or ‘white’ diamonds

Traditionally, the most expensive diamonds are those which are as ‘colourless’ as possible, which makes these gems like a translucent prism that gives you lots of sparkle. These are called white diamonds, even though they aren’t white, it’s the absence of colour that is sought after. 

Most diamonds are graded from D to Z, and basically this means:
  • Grades D to F are colourless and some of the most sought after, expensive diamonds
  • G to J are classed as ‘near colourless’
  • K to M have ‘faint’ colouring
  • N to R have a very light yellow/brown tinge
  • S to Z is light yellow

If you opt for a classic white diamond, it’s worth considering the slightly lower grades, as most of the time it’s hard to spot the difference between a D and a G with the naked eye. Of course, those who are jewellery enthusiasts may want to invest in the better grades.

Yellow diamonds

A popular alternative to white diamonds is yellow shades. You may have noticed that yellow diamonds are popular for engagement rings, with the subtle yellow hues offering an understated yet unique look. However, when it comes to yellow diamonds, it’s the canary diamond that is the most sought after. With a bold yellow shade, canary diamonds are the most pure and vivid of the yellow diamond family, so it’s no wonder they’re often seen on the red carpet.

Pink diamonds

If you want a look that’s completely girly and romantic, then you can’t go wrong with pink diamonds. Again, they vary a lot, from very subtle light pinks that you can only see under natural lights to deep, dark shades that almost look red or purple. One of the most popular types of pink diamond is Argyle diamonds, which come from a remote mine in Western Australia. You can find Argyle diamonds at The Diamond Jewellery Studio and will notice the range of different pink shades that are available. 

Black diamonds

Those who are seeking a stylish, slightly alternative look, may want to consider a black diamond. This look exploded in popularity after the Sex and the City movie came out, when Carrie was given a beautiful black diamond engagement ring. Black diamonds are opaque, so there’s little variation in colour, and the good news is that they are quite affordable compared to other coloured diamonds, so you get more carats for your budget. 

Image source: Freepik

Diamonds are naturally found in a number of different hues, so why stick to one? Whether a coloured diamond is your main stone, or it’s used to accent a white solitaire, you can create a unique and eye-catching look.

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