Timeless Swedish Timepieces


Blonde fashion blogger Sienna Belic wearing a camel coat and Dean Brochard Classique timepiece with dark brown leather strap

I don’t know about you, but in this day and age when everything is digitalized, I often enjoy a classic item that has an old-world charm but with a contemporary twist. Many people nowadays opt for a smart watch, but I still prefer the classic timepiece.

A beautiful high quality watch is more than just an item that shows time. It’s also an accessory which can compliment your outfit and make it look more elegant. It’s a status symbol that shows people you care about your job and the way you look.

Dean Brochard Classique timepiece with dark brown leather strap

I recently discovered a wonderful new watch brand called Dean Brochard. I was immediately mesmerized by the brand’s quality, design and contemporary elegance. Dean Brochard is a brand of luxury, square shaped timepieces crafted for all those who love vintage and timeless beauty of Cote d’Azur enchanted in Swedish minimalism.

Fashion blogger wearing Fall sweater, red lipstick and Dean Brochard Classique timepiece with dark brown leather strap

I decided to choose their Classique timepiece with dark brown leather strap because it’s completely different from any other watch I own. I loved how elegant and stylish it was, and I could especially picture all the different outfits I can wear with it during Fall and Winter. I chose the one with Roman numerals, but you can also choose models without them. Here’s a fun fact about me that you probably didn’t know: I’m totally obsessed with Roman numerals! If I see them on something, chances are I will go for that item. I don’t know why that is the case, but I’ve been attracted to these numerals since I was a kid and I actually know them really well!

Dean Brochard Classique timepiece with dark brown leather strap

The philosophy of this brand is another thing that drew me in. Dean Brochard is a brand that accepts everyone and everywhere. Whether you’re a businessman working on Wall Street or a traveler who can’t stay in one place for longer than a month, Dean Brochard will accept you the way you are. The brand is new but already has a really cool online presence and community, so I definitely recommend you checking them out. Oh, and their watches are absolutely fabulous!

xoxo Sienna

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  2. You look so beautiful! I like your coat. I will use it to match my jeans. Thanks for sharing!



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