GUEST POST | 10 Steps To Perfect Skin & Flawless Makeup


Who does not love when their makeup flawlessly falls into place? Having a clear base, radiant skin, as well as long-lasting makeup will allow you to feel confident during the entire day. If you want to know what are our top 10 tricks to even skin & smudge-free makeup, keep on reading!

1. Hydrate Your Skin

Even oily skin types need moisture. Try to remember this before you apply anything on top of your skin. Always start off your morning with a high-quality cleanser. On top apply a hydrating moisturizer, your favorite day cream, or your serum. Make sure you use a product that suits your skin type.

2. Use An Eye Cream

We all have either wrinkles, saggy skin, fine lines, or dark circles around our eye area. However, some of us hide it better than others. If you are trying to give yourself a boost of radiance, apply a lightweight amount of your favorite under-eye cream.

3. Prep Your Face

Try to prep your face with a high-quality primer. Women who are naturally oily will prefer something mattifying. Women with drier skin will enjoy a radiance-boosting primer. Apply it in light layers and push into the skin. Focus most of your primer around your T-zone.

4. Build Up Your Foundation

Try and build your foundation to your preferred coverage level. Some women love sheer coverage, while others are all about high-coverage & poreless finish. If you are unsure of what look to go for, try to build up your coverage level slow and steady. Apply one layer of your medium coverage foundation, and see where it takes you from there!

5. Set It With Powder

The only way that your foundation will last is if you apply a loose setting powder on top. Use your favorite brand & a high-quality brush. Dab the product onto the skin and set everything in place. This way, your oils won't peek through, you won't experience any unwanted shine, and you will look natural all throughout the day.

6. Invest In Lash Extensions

Lash extensions will open up any eye shape & will add so much glam to your eye makeup. Are you someone who naturally has shorter lashes? Do you struggle with keeping them curled up? Lash extensions are long-lasting and will stay on for 2-3 weeks. During this period, you won't need any lash curlers, mascaras, or even strip-on lashes. You will enjoy a voluminous outcome, and you will wake up with perfect makeup every morning.

7. Use A Brow Gel

A tinted brow gel sets your hairs in place, keeps them colored, and gives you a decent coverage level. If you simply comb through your brows, you will end up with long-lasting hairs for the entire day. Make sure you use a high-quality tinted brow gel, and you will be all ''set''.

8. Go For A Tinted Cheek & Lip Stain

A tinted cheek or lip stain is an amazing product since it gives you coverage + you can multi-task with it. Simply dab the product over your cheeks & your lips and head out the door! You can also carry this stain with you, and you will enjoy a beautiful outcome for the entire day. Just make sure you purchase either a pink, coral, or peach shade since these are the best for your lips & cheeks.

9. Use A Setting Spray

A setting spray sets down your makeup in place. It also tames down all the oils & helps you enjoy a flawless finish. You can use either a matte setting spray or a radiant-boosting setting spray. Both of these are awesome, but they will give you different finishes. Make sure you use the one that suits you & your preference better.

10. Invest In Your Makeup

Lastly, you should always invest in your makeup. This is crucial since a $4 foundation can't do wonders as a $30 foundation could. Try to invest in only some key pieces that your skin type demands. For some, this is a foundation, others need eyeshadow, and some women need high-quality lipstick. Invest in an item that you need the most & you will always love your outcome!

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