The Music That Shapes Us


Black jumpsuit night look

Hi lovely people!
The other day I started thinking about a very interesting topic - the music that shapes us. To be more precise, I started thinking about the music I was listening to as a child, a teenager and the music I listen to today. All of a sudden it just occurred to me - I wonder how the music we listen to shapes us throughout our lives. I wonder how it affects our worldview, preferences, friendships, and just our lives in general. I am actually surprised I never thought about this before because I am sure the music we listen to (especially as children), shapes us in a way, and I believe different types of music will shape us in different ways. Different types of people will be able to relate to different types of music. That's totally normal and that's why there are so many genres of music.

Vintage black and white photo
Night out outfit for party

Music is powerful

I have always been fascinated by the power of music. Not just music, but art in general. Art has been an outlet for numerous people throughout history to express themselves, share their happiness or sadness and make their lives better. I love how you can find solace in music when you're feeling down or extra happiness when you're feeling excited. No matter how you feel, there are people who have been through the same situations before, and chances are - they wrote a song about it!

My music taste

I am not one of the people who can say their music taste has changed a lot over the years - I have basically been listening to the same type of music since I was a child, but I have obviously discovered new artists and genres over time. I never had like a weird punk, metal or whatever phase (LOL) like a lot of people do, and then they look back on this phase a few years later and laugh at it. When I was a kid/teenager I only listened to pop and some rap. The only thing that's changed is that I discovered how much I also like rock in my early twenties. 

I never really liked Croatian music, and there are literally only a handful of musicians I like in my country. Somehow I always mostly listened to really popular American, British and Latin music. Also, I feel like I didn't listen to the lyrics as much when I was a kid, but now I definitely listen and I love it when I hear a song I can relate to. I feel very lucky that I grew up listening to foreign music because it taught me about culture in other countries, tolerance, being open-minded, and much more.
When I grew up and listened to some of the songs I was listening to as a child, they had a completely new meaning because I finally understood them. It's such a great feeling! 

But my taste in fashion has definitely changed over time. You can see that on my blog if you look at my early blogging years, I seriously cringe when I see some of the outfits I was wearing! Hahaha! But that's okay because I can see how my style has evolved.

A few years ago I would have been terrified to wear something with a cutout, but now I'm not! That's why I love this black jumpsuit I'm wearing in these photos. It's chic but sexy at the same time, perfect for partying all night long. I have been loving a lot of clothes from lately! 

What kind of music do you like guys? What kind of music did you grow up listening to?
Let me know. 😜
Stay fabulous!
xoxo Sienna

- jumpsuit: c/o Femme Luxe
- sunglasses: Tom Ford (c/o SunglassesShop)
- boots: H&M
- rings: Meghna Jewels & H&M
- gold Muse necklace: c/o Onecklace

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