Downtown Americana Vol. III


Downtown Americana by Fashion in the Air

Hi lovely people!
Here is the last part of the Downtown Americana editorial that I created with Luka Lajic. I am so happy we managed to put together this editorial, and that it all turned out the way it did. 
This last outfit is right up my alley (actually all of them are!), and I knew I wanted this skirt the first moment I saw it in the H&M showroom in Zagreb. After choosing the skirt I noticed this super cool oversized cropped sweater, and I immediately had the vision to put the two pieces together. 

I hope you like it guys, and definitely check out the previous parts if you haven't. I want to thank Luka for collaborating with me on this editorial, it was such a great experience and I hope we can collaborate in some way in the future as well! :)
xoxo Sienna

Oversized cropped sweater by H&M for Fall
Fringed faux leather skirt
Boho Fall 2018 Americana Look
H&M editorial Fall 2018
Photos by Luka Lajic.

Sweater & skirt by H&M.

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  1. I love the jumper and the skirt - you look great!

  2. Hey dear, that outfit looks great on you! You did a really cool photoshoot! :)

  3. I really like this combo!




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