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Hello everyone!
Today I'm bringing you a story about BestWeddingVeil, an online shop based in the UK that specialises in bridal veils. I honestly didn't even know that shops like this exist! I always thought that you buy veils at the same place where you buy your wedding dress, but apparently there are companies who work very hard on making the best veils possible as a beautiful addition to your dress. BestWeddingVeil is a small company that specialises in handmade wedding veils and hair adornments. Their designs reflect the organic and simple elegance of nature. In particular, they connect the stylish nature loving bride who appreciates fine art and is looking for something unique and creative to finish her wedding day look.

The veils are all made in England out of vintage alencon lace, hand-dyed silk dupioni and chiffon, sparkling Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls and many other precious materials. I love it when a company specialises in something so particular as wedding veils and they master it to perfection. In addition to being high quality, their veils are also quite affordable so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank.

At BestWeddingVeil, they believe that their job goes beyond creating beautiful pieces for brides. They are strong supporters for the art of handmade and all the benefits that come out of this style of business. I think that is absolutely wonderful in today's world of crazy hyper production. They hire local talent and plan their goals around building a company that pays a livable wage. They believe in giving back to our community and more specifically in contributing to creating a culture for each person to thrive. If everyone had this kind of philosophy, the world would be a better place.
xoxo Sienna

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