Back In Opatija


Hello lovely people!
I'm back with a new outfit post, and I'm happy it's finally here. I took a little road trip yesterday to Opatija, which I mentioned before a few times on my blog. I went there this Summer as well, and it's one of my favourite cities in Croatia. I always feel amazing there. I was so surprised by how warm it was. I was literally hot in a T-shirt, and it's the middle of October!
Opatija is about 2,5-3 hours from Zagreb by car, and although it was hot during the day, it was pretty cold when I was leaving from home at about 7 AM, so I definitely had to take a jacket with me. My new Code Zero jacket was the perfect choice as it's not too thick, but still enough to keep me warm. Also, I knew it would go perfectly with sea and boats as the background since it is a sailor brand.
These photos were actually taken in a place called Icici, which is where this wonderful marina is.
I made photos for another outfit post while I was in Opatija, so you can expect them soon as well. 😊
xoxo Sienna

- tee: Bershka
- jeans: Gaastra
- jacket: c/o Code Zero
- sneakers: Converse
- sunglasses: Ray Ban 

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  1. Love the t-shirt!! Wish we had Bershka here in Australia. I always hop up big when I'm in POrtugal. Love the photos! x

  2. Classic t-shirt! Also love your jacket! Great photos by the water too.

    Paulo Paradox |

  3. This outfit is so cute!! I love the jacket

  4. Super post! Nadam se da si se lijepo provela u Opatiji! ;)


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