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Hello lovely people!
I think you are all aware by now how much I love sunglasses. I wear them during all the seasons, and I like to have a wide variety of them so I can wear a pair I want according to how I'm feeling that day.   These gorgeous ones by Ray Ban have been on my wishlist for a really long time. I love the shape of them, I love how light they are, I love that they are matte gold, and I especially love the pink lenses. They are completely different from all the other pairs I own, and I would even say that they are now my favourite sunglasses.
The round shape was obviously inspired by the music from the sixties, especially rock'n'roll, which is just another reason to love them. They have become a true staple and a Ray Ban classic. You can choose from so many different colours, that it's kinda difficult to pick just one, but my heart was definitely set on the pink ones. They are available right now on Sunglasses Shop, and they are even on a discount! Talk about a great opportunity to shop 😉
xoxo Sienna


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  1. They look absolutely gorgeous makes me want to go out and buy

  2. Stunning photographs! These sunglasses look lush, very retro

    1. Thanks dear! Yes, they are super retro, and then the lenses add a bit of a modern feel

  3. These are an evergreen model, good choice!!
    Love them!



  4. I have the ray ban rounds but in the dark coloured lens, I wear them with everything! I think I need these ones too now!


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