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While prom is an exciting event to look forward to, the stress of finding the perfect dress for your shape can be overwhelming. Women with an apple, pear, hourglass or rectangle shape all look good in different styles. The goal is to find a dress that is flattering, comfortable, and highlights all of your best features. Here are some tips to remember as you hunt for the dress that works best for you.

Pear Shaped

Those with a pear-shape have a well defined waist with hips that are larger than the bust area. If you have this body type, you want to feature your waist which is your best asset. Choosing a dress that is fitted at the top and fuller on the bottom will showcase your best features. A full A-line skirt can hide wider hips while a fitted top accentuates your waist. Try to focus on dresses where the details are in the shoulders and bust. Off the shoulder, one shoulder and empire waistlines can work well for you. Avoid mermaid or trumpet style dresses.


If you have an apple-shape, your weight is carried in your midsection. Typically, those with an apple shape have thin legs and a shorter undefined waist. Dresses with a high empire waist are the most flattering for this body form. Enhance your bust area, shoulders and legs to draw attention away from the waist. Tea length and knee length dresses allow you to show off your best assets. Opt for a bust area with a low V-neck or sweetheart top. Avoid thin straps and too many embellishments around your waist.


An hourglass figure is defined by curves. Those with this shape have a bust and hips that are proportionate to one another. The upper and lower body balance each other out. The dress that works best for this body shape will accentuate the waist which is usually well-defined. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing a dress shape. Mermaid and A-line prom dresses are especially flattering. For the neckline, v-necks and strapless are great for showing off the shoulders. Go with softer fabrics to flow over your curves.


Rectangle shaped bodies are the same width along the shoulders and hips which can make it difficult to define a waist. Those with more athletic forms fall in this category. Usually there isn’t a feature you want to necessarily hide. The key is to find ways to better define areas of your body to create the semblance of curves. Flattering styles include those with well defined waistlines such as empire and mermaid. Add volume to either the top or bottom of the gown. Accessorize with a belt around your center to define your waist. Avoid drop waist dresses which do nothing to define a form.

Inverted Triangle

If you are a woman that is top heavy, no need to fret there are styles that will flatter your form. Chances are if you have this shape your shoulders are wider than your hips, and you have great legs. You should strive to create balance and draw attention away from your shoulders and to your waist and legs. Empire and princess ball gowns would accentuate your best features. Choose a prom dress with wider straps and a fuller skirt. Try to avoid details around the shoulders so the focal point is directed to other parts of the dress.


Shorter women often fear that long dresses will overpower their smaller form. Opt for an asymmetrical hemline or high low hem to show off your legs and make you appear taller. Slimmer fitting dresses with vertical prints or pleating will lengthen your shape. Also invest in some high heels to give you an extra boost. Don’t be afraid to go for an above the knee dress since this will guarantee fabric doesn’t overwhelm your shape.


Women with taller frames look great in long dresses. Don’t be afraid to be daring and try patterned fabrics that others with less height can’t pull off. If you are self conscious about how tall you are, choose a dress that features colorblocking. It’s an in trend right now and can break up a long frame by accentuating different areas of the body.

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