Why Leather?


We all know leather is the most popular material for handbags and shoes. It has been used for an incredibly long time, and it hasn't lost its popularity over the years. If anything, it has become more popular and nowadays good quality leather bags are very expensive. A long time ago, leather was almost the only durable material for making bags, but in the modern times there are plenty of synthetic materials that can be used instead of leather. These types of bags are usually a lot cheaper, but they also don't last a very long time.

Good quality leather is extremely durable, looks nice and it has a special charm and smell. For me, getting a real leather bag is always a special treat. Until recently I didn't really care about the materials my clothes and bags were made of, but recently I have started paying more attention to it. I definitely noticed over time that I kinda stop wearing the really cheap things I have, and I just want new things, so in the end I end up spending the same amount of money I would have spent buying one or two beautiful high quality pieces that would last for years.
                                              Mahi Leather Backpack                                                                                   Dolce & Gabbana Sicily          

There are many types of leather bags can be made of, but I found out that full grain leather is the best when it comes to strength and durability. All of this made me think about some leather bags that I'm loving at the moment, and I decided to share them with you. You can click on the links under the photos to see where you can get them. Which one is your favorite?
xoxo Sienna
                                            Valentino Small Lock Bag                                                                                 Gucci Small Dionysus

                                          Dolce & Gabbana Sicily                                                                                         Saint Laurent Medium Sunset

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  1. You are totally right, a good leather bag is very durable!





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