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Hello everyone!
I've been so into watches lately, it's crazy... I feel like wearing the right watch really puts the final touch on any outfit. As I mostly wear gold jewelry, I've been on a lookout for a nice gold watch, which is high quality and not too expensive. I was lucky enough to receive this wonderful Lord watch  recently and I just had to share my impressions with you. The quality of this watch really impressed me, as well as the design. I don' own any watches with roman numerals on it, so I'm really happy that this one has at least one on it. I'm a huge fan of roman numerals, hence it's no surprise I love that this watch has one of them on it.
If you would also like to get your own LORD watch, you can use the code FITA10 to get 10% off your purchase! Hope you like these wrist watches and that you will treat yourself to one :)
xoxo S.

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  1. Oh, that watch is so stylish- I can understand you pretty well 😍😉😘


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