GUEST POST | Reasons You'll Want A Vintage Dress For Your Special Day


You’ve met the perfect guy, the one who makes all your dreams come true and now he’s asked the big question. You’re getting married and you want that day to be everything you’ve dreamt off. And having that perfect day starts out with wearing the perfect wedding dress. You want something awesome and something unique, so if you’re looking for an awesome unique wedding dress creation, think of wearing a vintage wedding dress. 
Wearing a vintage wedding dress allows for a multitude of fabulous wedding themes and time periods to choose from where wedding attire plus locations can be built around the dress. Brides to be can create a decorating color theme around the dress giving upcoming weddings a special unique kick. Choosing a vintage dress will help create once-in-a-lifetime look that is sure to make wedding guests tongues wag as they beam with approval.

Because a vintage dress is special, you’ll be able to wear a traditional frock that will make you a part of history. Vintage dresses often incorporate lace designs and colors such a pale beige and soft pearly whites that truly stand out. A bride in a vintage dress heads to the front of the class for points as a timeless style icon that knows how to create a special unique look instead of purchasing a modern multi-manufactured dress style. 

Vintage wedding dress often very special sleeves and neckline patterns that stand out against today’s assembly line wedding frocks, like lace tea dresses with ¾ half shelves and sweetheart necklines. Vintage 50s and 60s wedding dress often feature lovely tulle fabric with ½ shelves plus A-line skirts look cool and fashionable for a springtime wedding event. So, your imagination is the only limit when seeking an awesome vintage wedding dress design. 
Financially aware and budget conscious brides will be able to focus on giving their wedding guests a great day with the extra cash they didn’t have to spend on a modern dress that can cost over $1500, allowing for more wine, song, and music to flow on their special day. Plus, because purchasing a vintage wedding dress is a unique purchase you could be helping out the small business that helped to create the dress. 
There are many reasons to celebrate an upcoming wedding by wearing a vintage wedding dress, so whether it is due to the desire to have a special theme event or because you want to be part of history wearing a vintage style will help you make the most of a one of a kind wedding event.

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