New Sal Y Limon


Hello everyone!
If you've been following my blog for a long time, then you know this isn't the first time I'm mentioning Sal Y Limon. I fell in love with their jewelry a couple of years ago, because it was so different from most things you see on the market nowadays. If you are not familiar with Sal Y Limon, it's a Swiss brand that makes exquisite enamel jewelry. They focus on playful lines and elegant shapes to create a contemporary twist on enamel jewelry.

Sal Y Limon brings together a unique group of individuals who share a dream of creating a livelihood doing what they love drawing on influences from design, jewelry, fashion - deeply rooted in enamel craft - past, present and future. SYL website was unavailable for some time because they redesigned it completely, making it a lot more modern and user friendly. Now they are back with a lot of beautiful new designes and you can also shop the products online! Right now they are even offering FREE shipping, so it's definitely the right time for shopping! 🙋
xoxo Sienna

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