Glam Yeti


Hello lovely people!
I can't tell you how long I was searching for a perfect big and fluffy faux fur jacket. I was so happy when I finally found it on Asos, and it was on a discount! Definitely feel like a Yeti while I'm wearing it, in the best way possible. Exactly what I wanted for these cold Winters in Denmark. Also, I feel like if I wear this jacket with just jeans and regular boots, it immediately glams up the look.
Pozdrav dragi ljudi!
Ne mogu vam reći koliko dugo sam tražila savršenu veliku i puflastu jaknu od umjetnog krzna. Bila sam presretna kada sam je konačno našla na Asosu, i još je bila na popustu! Definitivno se osjećam kao Yeti dok ju nosim, i to mislim na najbolji mogući način. To je upravo ono što sam željela za ove hladne zime u Danskoj. Također, imam osjećaj da i kad bih nosila ovu jaknu samo sa trapericama i običnim čizmama, cijeli outfit bih odmah izgledao više glamurozno.

I also recently bought this slip dress from Asos, and after I got the jacket, I just knew I want to wear them together. My new Zara over the knee boots were the perfect addition to the outfit. Totally in love with these boots, and they were such a bargain! This whole outfit is totally me. I've been wearing this hat a lot lately (which you probably noticed if you're following me on Instagram), but it's not even mine. It's actually my roommate's, so thank you Kaya for borrowing me your hat! 😃
Hope you enjoy the photos!
xoxo S.
Nedavno sam također kupila ovu slip haljinu na Asosu, te nakon što sam kupila jaknu, znala sam da ih želim nositi zajedno. Moje nove Zara čizme preko koljena su bilje savršen dodatak outfitu. Totalno sam zaljubljena u ove čizme, a bile su pravi ulov! Ovaj cijeli outfit sam totalno ja. Ovaj šešir često nosim zadnje vrijeme (što se vjerojatno zamijetili ako me pratite na Instagramu), ali nije uopće moj. Šešir je od moje cimerice, tako da hvala Kaya što si mi posudila šešir! 😃
Nadam se ćete uživati u fotkama!
xoxo S.

| Photos by Petre Margineanu |

- dress: River Island (via Asos)
- faux fur jacket: QED London (via Asos)
- boots: Zara
- hat: borrowed
- rings: New Look (via Asos)
- bag: vintage
- sunglasses: DKNY (c/o SunglassesShop)

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  1. So glamorous outfit!!! With those boots you are perfect!! Have a nice day, kisses from Italy,

    Eniwhere Fashion
    Eniwhere Fashion Facebook

  2. Just wow! I really like it!

  3. That is such a cool outfit! Love the over-the-knees and the slip dress & this Yeti coat, really great! <3

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  5. I love this entire outfit! You look fab!!

  6. Oh my!! This is one stunning outfit! Those boots are to DIE FOR 😍 X

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