InstaDecember 2014


1. Chilling at Campus Køge | 2. Beautiful fluffy clouds on my way home for the holidays |
3. Macarons and accessories | 4. New McQ bracelet c/o Shopbop

I know I'm really, really late with this post, but I just didn't have time to do it sooner... Enjoy!
xoxo Sienna

1. Christmas tree decoration | 2. Finally burning the wonderful Gift Boutique candle |
3. Back in Zagreb | 4. With a friend at a cool place called California Burrito in Zagreb

1. At the Copenhagen airport before leaving home | 2. Some sound equipment at EASJ Casual Friday   Bar | 3. Some Christmas decoration at our apartment in Køge | 4. The lovely note my flatmates left me before I left home for the holidays

1. Christmas tree decoration | 2. Time for a selfie |
3. New in: Garmin Vivofit | 4. New in: Rebecca Minkoff bag c/o Shopbop

1. Back in Zagreb | 2. Our Christmas tree

1. Christmas time in Zagreb | 2. Featured in GloriaIn |
3. Waking up in my bedroom after almost 4 months | 4. Christmas tree decoration

1. New in: McQ bracelet c/o ShopBop | 2. Breakfast at Starbucks before leaving home |
3. Friday Casual bar at Campus Køge | 4. At the Copenhagen airport before leaving home

Home sweet home

1. At Carling pub Zagreb | 2. Zagreb covered in snow |
3. Selfie before meeting some of my friends after 4 months | 4. Christmas time in Køge

1. Tuskanac (Zagreb) | 2. The foyer of the building where I live in Zagreb | 3. British square in Zagreb

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