InstaFebruary 2013


1. Playing around with jewelry; 2. New items thanks to Mart of China;
3. Cinema night: A Good Day To Die Hard

It's that time of the month again - the time to remember some fun moments from the previous month through Instagram. Here are my Instagram pics from February, hope you like them :)
xoxo S.
Opet je to vrijeme u mjesecu - vrijeme da se prisjetimo nekih zabavih trenutaka iz prošlog mjeseca kroz Instagram. Evo mojih Instagram slikica iz veljače, nadam se da vam se sviđaju :)
xoxo S.

1. New gladiators thanks to Italian Boutique; 2. New year, new Moleskine;
3. Featured on

1. My first video on Vine; 2. Remembering Summer;
3. Currently reading.

1. My favorite mug bought on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower in 2007;
2. Playing around with jewelry; 3. New gladiators thanks to Italian Boutique;
4. Tom is chilling;

1. Amazing cover of the ''Good food'' magazine;
2. The most beautiful bracelet ever thanks to VidaKush; 3. Flowers;
4. Outfit detail

1. Made an account on Vine; 2. Remembering Summer;
3. The carnival, aka Masquerade, aka The doughnut day :)

1. A rose; 2. New jewelry thanks to Rings and Tings;
3. ''Home and design'' magazine

1. Outfit; 2. My DVDs; 3. Fighting insomnia with milk and honey;
4. New faux leather shorts thanks to 2 A.M. Styles

1. Apple pie; 2. Outfit; 3. VidaKush post;

1. New items thanks to Mart of China; 2. New Converse sneakers;
3. Mart of China package; 4. My new iPod Shuffle!

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