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Hello lovely people!
I know I've been gone for awhile, but I'm so excited to be back and spend more time on my blog again. This year I have many goals I want to achieve and there are huge positive changes in front of me, which I will be sharing with you on my blog and social media.
I'm so happy this is my first post in 2023 because I want to introduce you to an amazing app I recently discovered. This app is totally different from any other app I have used before, and it's super exciting to experience how it works. 
Most of us use or have used dating apps at some point, either to try to find a partner or just to connect with new people and meet new friends. However, dating apps can be quite challenging to use as they tend to be superficial and based only on looks. When you judge someone solely based on physical appearance, it is very unlikely this will lead to a meaningful long-term friendship or relationship. This is where Canabasser comes in.

Canabasser is a new way to find meaningful relationships and friendships because it is based on your common interests and personality. The looks come after that. 

When you open Canabasser for the first time you'll be asked to create your profile and choose some preferences. After that, you can pick one of the options depending on what you are looking for and you can start playing! The process is really so quick and easy, anybody can do it.
You can start answering various challenges from the people in your area, which can be super silly or super serious questions that will make you think. Another option is to create your own game that others can play. Based on your answers, the algorithm will recognize which people are alike and have the most in common, hence slowly unraveling their pictures to each other.

Keep in mind that Canabasser is still very new and there will be many amazing new features coming. I'm so happy I discovered it at such an early stage so I can watch it grow. I also want to mention to my Croatian readers that the app also comes in Croatian now. 
It's so cool how the Canabasser team got creative and made such a different app for meeting people. The whole idea is fascinating, especially when you take into consideration that most dating apps and apps for connecting are pretty much the same.
You can read more about the idea, the name and everything else when it comes to Canabasser on their blog, and also check out this informative video explaining how the app works, which can definitely help you get started.

I joined Cananbasser very recently, so I will definitely be using some of my free time in the upcoming weeks and months getting to know the app better and trying out all the options that are yet to come. Meeting new people is always so exciting for me because you never know who you can meet - it might be your new partner, your new best friends, or even a networking opportunity! I'm still learning about the app, and currently in the stage of answering various questions in order to get closer to my potential matches. Hope you try it out too!

xoxo Sienna

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