Hello lovely people!
Summer is definitely in full swing, and I hope you are all enjoying it to the fullest. I'm currently still in work mode, since my vacation starts at the end of August, but I'm not complaining. I prefer to go on holiday a bit later when a lot of people are already back. :)
I feel like during this time when we all desire to be by the beach, a lot of people start thinking about potentially getting a holiday house, whether it's in the country or abroad. There are various opinions about if now is a good time to buy a home/holiday home, but at the end of the day the situation is going to be different for everyone and you have to make that decision depending on your needs and finances in these post-COVID times.

Everything has good sides and bad sides. Some people prefer to own a holiday home and look at it as a long-term investment, while others prefer a carefree holiday at a hotel in a different place each year with no obligations. 

Buying a holiday home

Buying your own holiday house definitely has many perks. Buying any type of home is usually a big long-term investment, and if you choose to go this route, there is a big possibility you might look into getting a mortgage. While thinking about the right mortgage option for you, an online tool like a mortgage calculator can be very helpful. This is such an easy way to calculate your payments right away and to know what you are getting into before exploring this option even deeper and taking the next step. 
When you own a holiday home, you can come there for longer periods of time than if you stayed at a hotel and you can have a place to call your own. You can put your own finishing touches to it and consider it your second home, or in other words, your own comfort space. You have your privacy, while also having the possibility to invite friends and family to come if you want to. On the negative side, this limits you to going to the same place for a holiday each year and will definitely be a huge investment at the beginning. These are all arguments to keep in mind.

Holiday at a hotel

While some people absolutely love staying at hotels, others hate it. It really is a matter of preference, and it mostly depends on what kind of holidays you like. High quality hotels can be quite expensive, even for a short period of time, but on the other hand, they give you the ultimate comfort. 
If you stay at a hotel, you also have the option to see many places in the world and to go to a different place each time. By doing this you can get to know many different cultures, try various food and see beautiful architecture all over the world.
On the other hand, a hotel will probably never really feel like a home, and if you are someone who likes privacy, a hotel might not be the best option for you. You can also always rent an apartment or a house, but at the end of the day, it will never feel like your home.

There are many possibilities when it comes to holidays and how you want to spend them. If you are looking into getting a mortgage for your holiday home, definitely check out online mortgage calculators to help you out, or if you are looking for the right hotel, check out one of the popular websites like for example Booking.

Hope you're enjoying your Summer!
xoxo S.

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