Historical Sites to Check Out in Little Rock


There are plenty of sites in the town of Little Rock for people to visit and explore. Seeing these sights can really help you to feel the enriched culture that the city and the state itself have to offer. These historical sites could have effects on the prices of Little Rock houses for sale depending on where they are located around the sites.

With some of the more popular historical sites like the Big Dam Bridge, Simmons Bank Arena, and the Arkansas State Capitol, how are you supposed to limit yourself to just a few places? You should try to see as many as you can, but these are must-see spots for you!

The Big Dam Bridge

This bridge spans the Arkansas River and Murray Lock and Dam between Little Rock and North Little Rock and is open only to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. The length of the bridge is 3,463 feet and was constructed in 2006.

Imagine how scary it must be to walk on the bridge that runs over water. That’s all part of the experience. Imagine the beautiful water that surrounds you and the once-in-a-lifetime view that you’ll see!

The name came from Judge F.G. Villines, who believed that the bridge was being built on a dam and was concerned with the financing. His concern was correct, the bridge wasn’t cheap when it was done. The final construction cost was $12.8 million!

The bridge is not only a popular tourist attraction, it’s also used for several racing events. Not only can you see the bridge itself when you’re visiting, but also the events. You can get two sites in one visit.

Simmons Bank Arena

The Simmons Bank Arena is one if not the most popular in the town of Little Rock. The arena seats 18,000 people and has had many uses over its years of existence since its opening in 1999.

Some of the many uses of this arena have ranged from pro basketball tournaments to the filming of American Idol LIVE. Even performances from musical artists like Fleetwood Mac have occurred there over time.

The arena is owned by the Multi-Purpose Civic Center Facilities Board for Pulaski County. The arena was designed by the Civic Center Design Team (CCDT), Burt Taggart & Associates, Architects/Engineers, The Wilcox Group, Garver & Garver Engineering and Rosser International of Atlanta.

Simmons Bank Arena is a sight that you need to see with your own eyes so that you can just sit and admire all the events that could’ve taken place there. If the walls of this place could talk, they would have quite a lot to say.

Arkansas State Capitol

The Arkansas State Capitol was originally built in 1915 and took several years to reach that point in its construction. It was built on the site of the state penitentiary where the prisoners helped in the building’s construction.

Although the building was originally aligned incorrectly, it has served as a filming location for several famous movies and events that portrayed the building as the nation’s capital in Washington D.C.

Seeing this building in all its glory will help you to see the true historical value that it offers as well as the rich culture and people that helped make the Arkansas State Capitol what it is. Come and visit it today and see what I’m talking about!

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