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In the world of fashion, most trends don't stick around for long. Many items lose popularity in less than a year. Yet there are those few that appear to become signature styles. We have fashion trends that emerge, and everyone cannot enough of them. But there are some that I have seen that are regrettable and they get replaced so quickly never to come back.  However, some fashion trends come in a flash and disappear only to come back later and become the most loved trends of the time. Some of these styles transition to becoming classic, later become basic styles after which they become an everyday fashion. A good example of this are watches. These timepieces have stuck through the test of time, with auctions and watches going hand in hand for the more iconic models, like the Rolex. Still, this is not the only example. This article highlights some iconic fashion trends that we enjoyed experimenting with in the last decade.

Mom Jeans

In the early 2000's we all loved those tight pairs of skinny jeans. At that time, the fashion trend was made up of very skinny, tight, and low-rise denim for us youngsters and even the older generation. All this changed in the last decade when mom jeans made a comeback. Mom jeans are super comfortable with a high-waist and a slightly baggy but comfortably fitting. They tend to be a bit vintage, and I have to say they look great with any top or shoes I wear them with.

Crops Tops

Just like the mom jeans, crop tops re-emerged in the last decade from the 90s. Since we started wearing the crop top at the start of the last decade, they seem to have stuck. They evolved from when we used to wear cropped shirts with high waist shirts and skirts. Now the crop top trend has undergone some modification and some trendy changes. We are now wearing bralette tops which are still considered crop tops. They are very comfortable, especially during the summer. You can pair the crop top with mom jeans or tight denim and they will still look trendy.


Whether it's an elegant dress, a baggy sweater, a baggy sweatshirt, or a top, off-the-shoulder fashion has been a huge trend in the last decade. This is one of the trends that seems like it will stay with us for a more extended period. This is because of its versatility.  The trendy fashion style can be made into a classic, a boho, or casual and refined, and one will still look and feel very fashionable.


Over the last decade, wearing sneakers instead of heels has become very trendy and stylish. Also, I have seen people looking very fashionable in some very comfortable pairs of sweatpants instead of tight skinny jeans. I have tried this fashion, and a sporty crop top gives me all the comfort I need while I run errands up and down throughout the day. I still look very fashionable and trendy. Various celebrities and supermodels have embraced this trend.

Bike Shorts

Bike shorts are also a comeback fashion from the early '90s. I find them very sophisticated and comfortable to wear, considering one can pair them with almost anything. I love pairing the bike shorts up with sneakers, oversized sweatshirts or a crop top, or even a fitting or an oversized denim jacket.


Leggings are one of the major and the most embraced fashion trends among women. We are wearing them to the gym, to the movies, to the grocery store, and they still don't look out of place. They come in all types, including printed ones, plain colored ones, and even some made from leather. Before 2010, leggings mostly used to be worn under baggy sweaters or short skirts. But, in the last decade, we have been wearing leggings just like normal pants. However, the material is a bit heavy therefore more comfortable and appropriate to wear with a nice crop top and a pair of sneakers.


They were very common in the '80s and the '90s and they became trendier in the 2010s. Chokers can be matched with any outfit and still look very fashionable. I have seen models and celebrities wearing chokers on the red carpet and even paired with costumes, and they still looked great. We have chokers made from various materials ranging from beads, Chains, Velvet material, metal, and even leather materials. Depending on the outfit, I have several designs of the choker to match.

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