Platinum Engagement Rings: Why they are the Right Metal for Your Engagement Ring

Platinum is a lovely silvery metal which does not tarnish, but might weather very slightly over time, losing just a tiny bit of its original polished sheen. This, very often, does not detract from the look of the ring in anyway, instead adding a depth of interest and texture to it that newer rings are lacking. But more than being a good color to team with a clear diamond, platinum has a lot to offer as an engagement ring – or any kind of jewelry, really! Let us take a look at why platinum is a good choice for you.

Right Now: The Price is Right

At the moment, platinum is relatively cheap as more car manufacturers turn away from fossil fuel vehicles to green alternatives. Platinum is used in catalytic converters, and as less vehicles are made needing these, the demand for the sturdy metal has decreased, tugging the price down with it. However, the price may well soon shoot up again as new uses for platinum come along: it is a wonderfully strong and stable metal that it is sure to have other industrial uses just waiting to be discovered!

Dense, Heavy and Very Strong

Platinum is known as being one of the least reactive metals, not tarnishing and being durable enough to stand up to a lifetime of wear on the hands, with all the abuse and friction that entails. This makes it an ideal choice for use in rings, especially wedding and engagement rings that will (hopefully) be worn for a lifetime without showing any signs of damage.

Purity Details

In order for an alloy to be called gold, it only needs to contain thirty or forty per cent of pure gold – this is 9- or 10-carat gold, and it tends to be cheaper and harder than softer purer gold alloys. Depending on what metal is alloyed with the gold, your resulting metal might be allergenic, especially if the gold is mixed with nickel to create white gold, a metal often teamed with diamonds, but also one of the worst metals for causing reactions in wearers. But for an alloy to be called platinum it must be at least ninety-five per cent pure platinum, which means that there is a higher likelihood that the resulting piece of jewelry will be hypoallergenic and safe for everyone to wear.

A final reason for choosing to have your jewelry item made from palladium is that it teams itself very well with white diamonds, allowing the stone's natural brilliance, shine and fire to glitter without tinting those reflections with the color of the metal as can sometimes happen with yellow gold. To find a diamond to team with your platinum ring or other piece of jewelry, why not browse the great range of diamonds at to see the shapes and sizes available? 


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