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If you are a vaper or a keen follower of the vape industry news, it will not have escaped your attention that pod vapes have been stirring quite a buzz lately.
What’s impressive about these diminutive devices is they have managed to establish a common thread between beginners and established vapers alike.
Some veteran vapers used to temperature control mods have warmed up to them, and individuals looking to give up smoking in favour of vaping are among the most popular consumers of pod vapes.

So, what is the secret sauce that these devices offer?

What are Pod Vapes?
Also known as vape pods, these are compact electronic cigarettes that utilise pods s opposed to cartridges. E-liquid is housed in the self-contained pods, and the devices are very easy to use and inconspicuous.
Vape pods are available in two types:
  • Closed Pod Systems
These pods come prefilled with e-juice and provide the fastest way to get up and running. The pre-filled pods are sealed and snap directly into a battery. When one runs out, just toss it out and plug in a new replacement.
A single pod is generally considered to be equivalent to a single pack of cigarettes, and they are reasonably priced, at least compared to the cost of a cigarette pack these days.
  • Open Pod Systems
As the name intimates, open pod systems come with refillable pods. The pods are usually empty upon purchase so you have to do the refilling yourself.
Open systems are the more recent version of the two and the advantage they hold over the closed version is the cornucopia of flavours they are available. They also provide vapers with more choice in terms of nicotine options, and by extension, more control of your vaping experience.
However, they also come with all the downsides associated with refilling e-liquids – need to carry e-liquid with you, flavour ghosting, maintenance and so on and so forth.

Why are Pod Vapes so Popular?
Well, the reasons vape pods have become such a hit can be traced to the benefits that come with using these devices.
One appealing factor in pod vapes lies in their simplicity.
One of the driving factors behind their advent was the need by manufacturers to come up with a product that eliminated the hassle associated with e-cigarettes – refilling tanks, cleaning and maintenance chores, changing wicks and coils you name it.
It is thus not surprising that pod vapes are the e-cig devices with the most semblance to combustible cigarettes, the physical appearance notwithstanding. All users need to do is pick up the pod vape, take some puffs and put it right back. Easy peasy, and without all the cigarette smells!
But the association with tobacco cigarettes extends beyond this…
Another major reason why vape pods have become bestsellers is their use of nicotine salts.
Nic salts differ from regular nicotine (aka freebase nicotine) which is the kind used in most e-liquids. Salts have a more satisfying hit such that a single puff can even suffice depending on your craving level. Amazingly, they manage to remain quite smooth on the inhale.
It is for this reason that many smokers are swinging towards vape pods and nicotine salt e-liquid.
We also did mention about the compact design of these devices.
Pod vapes are smaller than most devices on the market. This not only makes them easier and more convenient to use and move with, but also preferred by majority of users who prefer to keep things low-key. In other words, vape pods are super stealthy.

Are there any Downsides?
Well, anything that has an advantage has a disadvantage, and it is no different in this case either.
However, half of the downsides are not inherent in the device itself.
For instance, the fact that pod vapes are small means they can be misplaced easily.
As well, due to their compact, sleek and trendy design, pod vapes have been faulted for contributing a lot towards teen vaping, something that has had a domino effect on the industry as a whole, especially on the regulation aspect.
But there can be no denying that the disposal of pods contributes to a lot of plastic waste. Or the fact that they are more costly compared to using regular e-liquid since for some users, it could mean going through a pod a day.
However, that is a cost many smokers will willingly incur given the skyrocketing prices of tobacco cigarettes, with a cigarette pack fetching at about double the price of a vape pod. Remember, a packet of cigarettes is said to be roughly equivalent to a single pod.
And that’s what’s up.

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