PARTNERED POST | Forget The Capitals: Try These Cities For Size


When you get that wanderlust itch that needs scratching, the chances are that you will look to some big tourist hotspots to explore. Capital cities tends to make up the majority of these sorts of round the world jaunts or trip of a lifetime experiences. While London, Paris, Beijing or Tokyo are worthy of exploration, you shouldn’t neglect the smaller, less tourist driven destinations. Being hungry for travel might be in your blood. You are never happier than taking in new vistas, immersing yourself in new cultures and trying new cuisine. However, it’s time to forgo the typical backpacking trip to Bangkok to instead venture to more off the beaten track places in this wonderful world.

Miyajima, Japan

When you consider the Land of the Rising Sun, you probably think of cosmopolitan and futuristic cities, sushi, temples and Taoism. While Tokyo and Kyoto are incredible cities to spend a few days in, they are swamped by fellow tourists trying to experience the authenticity of the nation. To head somewhere that is a little less busy, consider hot footing it to the beautiful island of Miyajima, just a twenty minute ferry ride from the port of Hiroshima. Here, you can stay in a traditional ryokan, dress in traditional Japanese robes, and partake in some home cooked takoyaki.

The island is full of wildlife from monkeys and wild deer. Take a trek up Mount Misen and try to reach the peak where an exquisite temple awaits. Or perhaps you’d rather venture to the coast where you can observe the sunset over the floating torii gates. Venturing here will allow you to meet Japanese people that adhere to a more traditional way of life and will welcome you with open arms.

Perth, Australia

Don’t venture to the south of Australia to take in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Venture to the west of the nation and you can experience more bespoke, local attractions. Consider renting a car in Perth, Western Australia and you can pop to Kings Park, one of the largest inner city green parks in the world. Or perhaps you fancy heading to one of the many glorious beaches in Perth. Here, you can pop to one of the numerous local breweries, have a barbecue on the white sands, and explore the feast of watersports that are on offer. Fremantle has a history and heritage that is unique to Australia, from the old prison to the amazing Maritime Museum. While you might think you need to hit Sydney for a metropolitan fix, Perth has bags more to offer.

Falaise, France

If you adore Paris because you are a culture vulture and a history nut, you should consider some of the more rural towns and villages of Normandy to get your heritage fix. Falaise is a traditional market town complete with rustic boulangeries and patisseries. With very few tourists venturing here, you may find that you are the only visitor to the amazing castle of William the Conqueror. Gites adorn the area and you can get to know the locals at a bar while sampling the regional cuisine.

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